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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Die You Overweight Smoker!!! Die!!!


obamacare is really obamaIDontCare. remember the "no death panels" in obama care????? hahaha fooled you!!! No health care for you if you don't behave!!!! You were warned you have no excuse. Obese??? DIE, Smoker? DIE, Gun In The House? DIE..... Risky Sexual Behavior!! DIE (look out it's coming, Obama doesn't need you anymore!!!)
had to quit typing for a minute, a government drone just flew overhead I don't think they saw me..whew. Sunday drones, they leveled a full city block in Indianapolis, they never said who they were after though. I bet they got em!!!
obama is just so much fun!!! aren't you glad you voted for him so you wouldn't be racist????
I'm the robot that collects protein from the sea!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Looking for John Conner

he must save the United States from certain destruction

Walter Zoomie's World: Is This Wrong? Volume Four.

Walter Zoomie's World: Is This Wrong? Volume Four.

Dear Useful Idiots, Your World Is About to Explode. Obama no longer needs you


Sorry about your luck, this is only the start, wait till the others begin, will it be so very long before your benefits are cut off? Here we go to the next phase of obama's takeover. destroying the "takers"
wonder what the next move will be......

Dear Obama, About my AR-15...

my dog ate it.....

Catholic Church Waits Under Obama's Table for Scraps

yeah, the Catholic Church in standing in line waiting for the gas chambers while Obama delivers one liners at their fund raising function. Wow, and I thought the Jews were crazy, now I see how it works first hand. Sad