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Saturday, December 22, 2012

How Many Laws Does It Take To Stop A Criminal

41 laws couldn't stop Adam Lanza from murdering children. So how many laws would stop him? I can tell you how many. none. what is required here is a good guy with a gun. you can write 100 laws and that won't stop a criminal from committing crime. still want gun control?
liberal idiots, useful idiots they can't find their ass in the morning

Hollywood Stars I Won't Pay To See - Barbara Streisand

she thinks I care about her politics, shes an idiot supporting the ones who would destroy her wealth what an imbecile. The problem is she would take me down with her. she will pay a much higher price than me, she's just too stupid to figure it out.
I should have know when she made a movie about her being a man so she could "read the Torah" when all she really wanted was to marry a women, severe case of penis envy.
sue me!

Hollywood Stars I Won't Pay To See - Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson, after his "Wake the fuck up" Video Supporting Obama. I used to love his acting as in "The Negotiator" but now I won't spend on dime on anything I know he is connected to. I won't support someone who would see me in chains....so fuck you Samuel L Jackson. My only hope is others will agree with me and cut you off.
I wish you would have kept your mouth shut

The World Cheers!!! John Kerry Is USA Secretary of State!!

you've got to be putting me on!!! really???? really????? hehehe this is hilarious talk about scrapping the bottom of the Heinz Catchup bottle!! Next we will find out that Jane Fonda is the head of Propaganda and Homeland Security!!!! America has no respect left.for itself, we have no Diplomats we have no Statesmen we only have obama's henchmen. oh lucky us. is there any crime we won't commit? is there any plunder we won't execute??? is there any rape we won't take part in? Washington DC is the epitome of corruption and violence, of lies and intrigue, of vile and debasement. everyone elected spends more money getting elected then the job actually pays. there is a reason for this. we did this to ourselves. the interesting thing is that soccer mom's still soccer, working dad's still work, police state neighborhoods still police, crime infested neighborhoods still crime. etc. Washington dc is a cancer that must be removed if the host is to live... we can not have a country with no laws, with no virtue and with no conscience. Americans better get engaged or there will be cannon fire in the distance. are we so silly to imagine it won't happen here???? get ready. the demarcation lines are drawn and everyone is ordering guns and ammunition.

If It Keeps On Raining The Levy's Going To Break

When the Levy Breaks
How much more graft and corruption will we put up with from this government? they are stealing our tax dollars and giving some to the "poor" (read lazies) and taking the rest for themselves. It's interesting to me because the money they are stealing loses value every day as a result of the non-stop printing press cranking out more money every second (actually they just keep adding "0"s to the big computer in the sky) so why bother stealing money that will be worthless soon anyway? makes no sense to me. I feel sorry for my grand children. I doubt my blogging does any substantive good and the government is huge and totally out of control. I can't imagine what it will take to bring this back to some reasonable semblance of a country. I hope all those people with guns really will take to the streets to take back control when they come for guns. As this issue seems to be the only thing people really care about, and the government wants absolute control with no possible resistance, so we eventually have the proverbial showdown at the OK corral, with no one willing to move waiting for the other to draw. with this being the case Obama is very clever to hold back on taking guns until he has the rest of the situation in hand. the more people he can get dependant on the government for food and shelter, the less likely they will be to fight when he comes for the guns. It makes sense if you think about it. No one will care about the guns if they are hungry. And all obama needs is a few more senseless slaughters and he won't have to do anything as the left will be more than willing to start going door to door to collect guns. If this is nothing else it is interesting. Who will pull the trigger? Who will shoot first? How many more insults with the workers take before they have had a belly full and won't take anymore? Will the military ignore their oath to protect the constitution and attack the workers when they finally break? Why won't someone do something about obama now as he has not defended the constitution as he pledged to do? Is this why obama is insisting on being sworn in this time in private? Will he bastardize the swearing in so much that he knows not even the lowlife press will be able to stand it???? Will the Catholics start raising a private Army to defend against the coming persecution of the Church? will the Catholics support a third party and run conservative people for government so the Real Catholics have a voice in government and someone the Real Church can vote for without holding their nose? These questions all have to be answered. but in the meantime, bury your cashes deep and out of the nose of the government. They can't be everywhere but they are trying. You will need those supplies when the government starts controlling the food so they can control the people.

It's Time to Starve the Beast

The government obviously refuses to quit spending, John Boener refuses to defund the senate, Obama refuses to quit pumping worthless cash into our economy. It's time to find ways to cut the funding to the federal government. we need to starve this beast that has taken over our country. I'm surprised really, all business is behind Obama because they think they will benefit from his coup, the press literally has an orgasm every time Obama name is mentioned. they fawn over him from every news outlet, and the stupid people who will not look past his soaring rhetoric continues to think Obama loves them and will take care of them. everyone is thinking they will be the ones who Obama will take care of with their Obama phones and Obama health care and welfare and the list is endless. but the people will rebel, and Obama wants this as he will then declare martial law and then everyone is in trouble. the people on welfare believe they will go to the pig trough forever and Obama will take care of them till they die. I can't wait till these people get their work orders, can you imagine the look on their face when Obama makes them go to work??? and what will happen to those who refuse???? watch what all the other fascist countries do with the lazies!!! they will be sent away and never heard from again. I'm lucky, I work for a living, all they will do to me is send me to a re education camp to be brainwashed. you see, once they have total control and the lazies give total control to Obama, they won't put up with the lazy people anymore. they can't because they need your work units to keep civilization moving and they will get that work no matter what. people didn't pay attention when Russia sent the lazies in to carry sandbags to the nuclear core of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. After all the needs of the many out weight the needs of the few! Tons of sand was poured on the melt down core that day by people who are now dead. but the state used the lazies and now they are hero's for helping control the meltdown at the cost of their lives. Good Deal Huh? the sand totting lazies where so stupid, they didn't understand the danger, but the state did, and the used them up. Or how about when Russia went to war against Germany? The lazies where told to advance on the German army, the front line was handed a gun and told to charge and when that person was shot dead the next person was to pick up the gun they dropped and continue the charge, if they turned around to retreat the Russian Generals had them shot before they could get away. The needs of the many out weight the needs of the few. You want the state to own you? and to use you how they see fit? FOOL. you will be told to charge against me and I will gun you down and the next one too. You are used to a government who has Christian values and the sanctity of life, well the government you elected knows no such values. Once they take complete control you are nothing, you are just another brick in the wall. and you feel so smug as Obama takes you by the hand and leads you over the cliff. the state cares nothing for you, you are just a bug splattered on the wind shield of life. as Obama body surfs in Hawaii and dines on fine foods and the best wine, you eat the crumbs for the kings table and are happy with it. You are the useful fool, the useful idiot who the journalists are so in love with. they will be the first ones shot in the coming conflict, the government won't need their useful idiots any more and when they figure out they have been used they will turn against the government and get shot, or the people they fooled into believing this bull crap in the first place will understand what happened and blame the press for it all and they will shoot them. Either way, the press is doomed. Anyone with balls left will take action against this government. Obama and the democrats are the enemy. We need to starve this beast and quit giving them our money.
Do you have the guts to stand? Or will you carry sand to the Chernobyl of this government until you are dead?

Just Quit Spending, Really, It's That Simple

Here we are "We the People" still getting all our money flushed down the toilet. We have elected (and that's the sad part) a bunch of freaks who make us feel good at election time and then do whatever the hell they want to do the rest of the time. They pass laws they have no intention to follow, they make sure that the money pot is feeding their coffers very handsomely while they pass laws that destroy jobs for you and me. To not know this you have to have you head straight up your own ass. But I know so many people who are like that, as long as they have their immediate needs taken care of, they really don't care who is in charge or what the outcome of elections will be. So many people are on food stamps and welfare and housing assistance and heating assistance and child care assistance and medical assistance and on and on and on. Why work? Really Why Bother? they take the money I make which is earned by my willingness to get up every morning, get ready for work, jump in my car, buy expensive gas, wear decent clothes, get to work on time, put up with my jerk boss who knows every fucking thing, work my ass off, stuff GMO food down my throat in a half hour, get my ass back on the job, at the end of the day, I wonder if they are going to fire me cause they found someone in China who will do my job for $1.00 a day. drive home grab a couple of beers and try to forget that my neighbor stayed home and played Wii all day and went to the store and got what he wanted on his EBT card, turned up his thermostat to 75 because he got a chill sitting on his dead ass doing nothing, then making all kinds of noise at night while him and his out of work buddies party all night and keep me up. when I go to work the next morning they are sending postcards, emails and letters to our state representative begging for more federal assistance because I drive a nicer car than them and that's not fair. REALLY????? this is now my life, working so my neighbor can suck down the money I earn????? I am outraged!!!! I just don't  have time to tell my representative how outraged I am and he doesn't care about me because my lazy neighbors now out number me and what they say goes. In the meantime our president is body surfing in Hawaii while we go off the fiscal cliff which means I will pay even more taxes. All because this president has found a why to buy the votes of stupid people who refuse to work yet get all the benefits. EXACTLY HOW IS THIS FAIR???? it doesn't matter because this government understands that I'm too busy working my ass off trying to pay my taxes and do the right thing. In the meantime Obama refuses to cut taxes and cut spending. this is very short sighted as soon I will perceive that I have nothing to lose and when that happens I'm no sure how everything will play out. I know I will not continue working when the workers of this country are not the enemy of everyone. I know I will not continue to do the right thing if no one else has to. I know I will quit paying taxes and go hide in the woods when the IRS comes for me!!! Then the government will have a fight one their hands. This will not continue if I have to personally clear out Washington DC single handed. If you catch me and throw me in jail I will write my book on My Struggles and we will see wear that will go.
In the meantime, if the government does not quit spending, this death spiral will continue until it becomes apparent to all that we must empty Washington and start again

Sunday, December 9, 2012

On "Falling Off the FIscal Cliff" A Strange Viewpoint

So the politicians think they have us all scared to death. HE HE HE now that's funny! What can they do to us? Steal Our money??? they already made it worthless (we just haven't figured it out yet). After all, it's only worth what you think it is. In a weird way, the government is telling us what they think about us. "here's a thousand dollars union worker, now go away you bother me". they are trying to pit everyone against each other, but obamasteins monster isn't reacting the way he hoped. it seems as though once you have given someone everything they want, they don't need to go carrying signs and stuff like that. so they are having trouble getting their minions on the streets to finish the deal. so much for Martial law. they have to find another way to institute Marshall law. the regular stuff isn't working. I know maybe the Mayan Calendar thing, everyone is scarred shitless about that aren't they? No? NO ONE? oh come on, yous guys are supposed to be stupid. What's up with that. Just wait until after January and every ones paycheck goes way down, I wonder if obama's popularity will go way up????? no? not likely??? and obama said the taxes won't go up on those making less than $200000 a year....oh by the way.....he lied ....you're screwed.but hey, you wanted him!! lucky you aren't racist or anything huh???? this will get interesting, even if you''re "poor". Hold on to your lug nuts, it's time for an overhaul!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The 3 Percent

III Patches

The Christmas Season is Upon Us!

I love the sights and sounds of the Christmas Season! The pretty decorations, the children's nativity play, the choirs beautiful rendition of "Silent Night". I used to get caught up in the secular season, go all out shopping for the kids, dinner parties with friends, lots of alcohol and food, but lately, as the government continues it's attack on the Catholic Church. I understand more of what the Christmas Season actually means. The Christ Child laying in a manger, bringing God's love to all in a personal way. We are so blessed by God to have the opportunity to worship him in the open (so far) with singing and praise and joy and peace to all. We can not get caught up in the world and their divisions. We have to continually search for God's peace that passes all understanding. We are coming upon a new year that will bring new challenges and hard choices. But for now, we can bask in the joy of the season and contemplate on our God and his love that we can not understand. We still have our Church and the Priest, and the community of Christ. We still have the joy and love of each other. We will have this for a while so enjoy it. When the government moves decisively against the Church, we will have our hands full. but for now, relax and enjoy the season. Fill the Church with the love God intended for his own. Listen to the music, put earthly things in second place, read the story of the Christ child and see it with new eyes. Wrap yourself in the things of God. Remember the poor, feed the homeless, and pray for God's creation. What a wonderful season this is. Praise God!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Enjoy God's Blessings,

For God and Country!!