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Sunday, November 23, 2014

When it comes time to lay blame I blame the press first

Bob achiever George fuckalotofus and others can they feel our breath on their backs?

Now our president is outwardly breaking the law

what can we do? Iii is waiting ferguson is churning does anyone care? Is anyone out there? What can we do?

Keep your powder dry

Sunday, May 18, 2014

On the Free Ferry To Ocracoke North Carolina, My Favorite Stretch of NC Route 12

You pull up to the docks and you're already there
With that famous Ocean Breeze blowing through your hair.
You spend time at other places but you don't know why.
Because of that beautiful Ocracoke sky

One old man takes down your name and you wait for a while
then the captain of the Ferry waves all aboard and vehicles are loaded
Cars with boats, trucks, and the Lays potato chip man, scooters and bicycles
all looking to see that beautiful Ocracoke sky

Packed in like sardines the straps and harnesses are snapped, all eyes are on the ocean
Sea Gulls hover waiting for treats, when your lucky you will see Dolphins Swimming in unison next to the ferry.
People jump from their cars to catch all the sights
that is the prelude to that beautiful Ocracoke sky

One hour and 15 minutes you will ride as the North Carolina Ferry Taxi's you to the dock
but you weren't paying attention and never bothered with a clock
you knew that the Ocean was requiring it's dues
before it released you to that beautiful Ocracoke sky

the Ferry pulls to the dock and then the car ramp is lowered
and the engines of all the vehicles that came on board are started.
one by one they pull off in a certain order
as the Seagoing Opossum releases it's children to that Beautiful Ocracoke sky

You race the 12 miles to get to the town with a myriad of views to excite your senses
the speed limit 25 says you are there and a stop to Howards Pub refreshes after your Ferry ride
you park your car in the municipal parking lot and find your way
to your favorite spot to see the Beautiful Ocracoke sky

Thanks to the state of North Carolina and the Ferry System for taking my family and me safely to Ocracoke Island every year!

Ocracoke Ferry
Hatteras Class: Roanoke Ferry
  • Vehicle Capacity: 26
  • Passenger Capacity: 149
  • Weight & Dimensions: 248 Gross Tons, 150' Length, 42' Breadth, 4' Draft
  • University Affiliation: Meredith College

I'm Still Waiting?!?!?!

what will it finally take to get the citizens of the United States to get off their asses and do something about what's going on?
Do they have to take your kids first?
Do they have to kill your Mother in cold blood?
Do they have to pull over your Dad and Shoot him just for fun?
Do they have to raid your church and steal all the kids and arrest the parents?
Do they have to raid your house in the middle of the night searching for "drugs"?
Do they have to steal all you money?
Do they have to steal your property?
Do they have to outlaw your guns?
Does the USDA have to buy sub-machine guns with 30 round clips?
Does the US Postal Service have to buy a million rounds of ammunition?
Does the Bureau of Land Management have to declare your property off limits because of a turtle?
The Federal Government now has the right to look up your ass....literally?
The Federal Government now has the right to disrobe you at all public transportation harbors.
The Federal Government now has the right to listen in on your phone calls
The Federal Government now has the right to take your children, any time any reason.
this list is endless it goes on and on

and you sit and play video games and drink beer and let the government feel up your wife.....
and that's ok
what if it's not ok with me? does that make me a terrorist? or just aware.

please answer me? I'm still waiting.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Media Is Turning On President Obama, And All Are Going to Hang Themselves for Treason

It's About F**King Time
By Michael Goodwin of the New York Post
With multiple crises spiraling out of control around the world, stories about the Obama presidency are taking on the air of postmortems. What went wrong, who’s to blame, what next — even The New York Times is starting to recognize that Dear Leader is a global flop.
“Obama Suffers Setbacks in Japan and the Mideast,” the paper declared on Friday’s front page. The double whammy of failure pushed the growing Russian menace in ­Europe to inside pages, but even they were chock-full of reports about utopia gone wrong.
One story detailed how the White House was facing the “consequences of underestimating” North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Others recounted the continuing Syrian slaughter and the murder of three Americans in Afghanistan.
The accounts and others like them amount to an autopsy of a failed presidency, but the process won’t be complete unless it is completely honest. To meet that test, the Times, other liberal news organizations and leading Democrats, in and out of office, must come to grips with their own failures, as well.
Obama had a free hand to make a mess because they gave it to him. They cheered him on, supporting him with unprecedented gobs of money and near-unanimous votes. They said “aye” to any cockamamie concept he came up with, echoed his demonization of critics and helped steamroll unpopular and unworkable ideas into reality.
Some of his backers knew better, and said so privately, but publicly they were all in. Whether it was ObamaCare, his anti-Israel position or the soft-shoe shuffle around the Iranian nuke crisis, they lacked the courage to object.
They said nothing as Obama went on foreign apology tours and stood silent as our allies warned of disastrous consequences. Even now, despite protests from a succession of Pentagon leaders, former Democratic defense hawks are helping Obama hollow out our military as Russia and China expand theirs and al Qaeda extends its footprint.
A king is no king without a court, and Obama has not lacked for lackeys. The system of checks and balances is written into the Constitution, but it is the everyday behavior of Americans of good will that makes the system work.
That system broke down under Obama, and the blame starts with the media. By giving the president the benefit of the doubt at every turn, by making excuses to explain away fiascos, by ignoring corruption, by buying the White House line that his critics were motivated by pure politics or racism, the Times and other organizations played the role of bartender to a man on a bender.
Even worse, they joined the party, forgetting the lessons of history as well as their own responsibilities to put a check on power. A purpose of a free press is to hold government accountable, but there is no fallback when the watchdog voluntarily chooses to be a lapdog.
The sycophancy was not lost on other politicians and private citizens. Taking their cue from the media, they, too, bit their tongues and went along as the president led the nation astray and misread foreign threats.
From the start, support for Obama often had a cult-like atmosphere. He sensed it, began to believe it and became comfortable demanding total agreement as the price for the favor of his leadership.
That he is now the imperial president he used to bemoan is no long­er in dispute. The milking of perks, from golf trips to Florida to European vacations for the first lady, is shockingly vulgar, but not a peep of protest comes from his supporters.
The IRS becomes a political enforcer, but that, too, is accepted because nobody will risk their access by telling Obama no. You are either with him or you are his enemy.
The evidence is everywhere that his ideas are flawed, that his view of economics, diplomacy, the military, history, science and religion are warped by his own narcissism. He doesn’t even talk a good game anymore.
Yet it remains a fool’s errand to hope he will correct his ways. He is not capable; he looks in the mirror and sees only a savior.
It is equally clear that those who shielded him from facts and their own best judgment did him no ­favors. Out of fear and favor, they abdicated their duty to the nation, and they must share the burden of history’s verdict. After all, America’s decline happened on their watch, too.