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Sunday, February 17, 2013

And the Gun Is Still Lying On the Table.

the biggest decision you will ever make in your entire life is looming ahead of you. Soon you need to understand how you will proceed with the current government. Will you go along to get along? will you decide he can't have your freedoms that cheaply and will need to pay for it with blood? Will you decide to just go to work tomorrow and hope this all blows away? will you wish everyone would just go away so you can get back to your football game. We are living in times that may not let you decide for yourself. If obama gets every ones guns he can do whatever he wants and no one can stop him. His government has bought an obscene amount of firepower in the event of such domestic troubles. I am screwed because I was raised to be patriotic to America and I can't just let this happen. I had Friends who died fighting in several wars to keep people like obama at bay. but here we are. I would never have thought this would happen here, not here, anyplace but here. America was too big and wonderful to fall to such antics of people like obama. the citizens were too smart, for too clever to be fooled by such a fascist interloper. here we are, the gun is laying on the table in front of us, we can turn around and run, but you have no where to run to. America is the last hope for the world, the last hope for freedom, but now we have to fight to get it back and the gun is laying on the table. You might die, you might get maimed, or disabled. you will certainly lose everything you have ever worked for. I hate to tell you, you've already lost everything, it's just that no one has told you yet. All middle class jobs are gone cause obama doesn't believe in them so you make less money than ever before even though you make more cash than ever, you'll figure it out. Dipped into your 401K yet to make your year end bills ??? you will..... and the gun still sits on the table waiting for your decision. You don't have to do anything as long as you haven't committed to saying anything to your neighbors or on face book about how you feel about America. If you have kept quiet, walk away from the gun and call the authorities to come and get it, because if you leave it there, you will be in trouble up the road a little, why risk it? some one else should take up the cause, the veterans, the single men, or maybe the clergy should fight from the pulpits. You have a life to live and they never really taught you in school any of that pledge of allegiance stuff anyway. Patriotism is for fanatics and terrorists, not for you....this will all blow over and you won't need any gun to protect yourself or your family, just stay low, just keep cool, get rid of the gun and all will be well. Does it feel that way? Do you feel safe? Can you just keep on keeping on? Just lay low, maybe you can fake being gay? or maybe you can join in a pro-abortion protest, will that give you enough cred? You can always hope. call obama and take your gun down to the buyback program then go home and lock your doors......

Is It Time To Barter? How Many Dollars Do You Have?

In spite of obama putting trillions of dollars on the national budget and in spite of this money being put into existence, I don't have many. obama is printing (adding zeros to the big computer in the sky) trillions of dollars to the economy but no one has any. What's that about? If obama really wanted to help the economy he would send all the people with no job a check. but he won't do that because he is giving all the money to his big buddies who are sticking it all in the bank. in the meantime you suffer at obama's hands while he tells you that everything is ok......and you believe him!!!!! so whether you like it or not whether you think it's cool or not we have to start bartering for the things we need.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Facebook Caves to the Cash, Gets "Hacked" ?

how clear does it have to be before you understand. Facebook pays no taxes on record profits then gets hacked by an unknown group who took nothing.


You've got to be putting me on, I was born in the morning but not yesterday morning.

Who Is The Pirate?

I will tell you up front that some of this is a lie, I will let you figure out which ones are correct.
So you are a Pirate do you wear an eye patch?
Yes I wear an eye patch, sometimes.

Do you have a regular Job?
Yes I have a regular job but my boss wants to fire me cause I keep saying ARRGGGG to the customers

Do you raid ships on the east or west coast?
Yes both the east and west coast, watch the Panama canal on web cam and you can see me pass through. but it's always at night and I don't fly the Jolly Roger as I pass. Look for the ships name "Nanchero"

Do you drink Rum?
Not Really, I'm more of a V8 and vodka guy myself

Have you ever killed anyone?
Not lately, I'm trying to quit.

How many cannons do you have on your boat?
10 guns starboard and 10 guns to the port.

Do you believe in God?
How can you not believe in God? that's a stupid question

Do you own a Ham Radio?
Yes, I operate a Pirate Radio Station"(hello) If you read my blog, you will know when and what frequencies.

Do you smoke?
Yes just like my guns, I smoke a pipe (appropriate don't you think?)

Are You Married?
Which Port?

What's the worse thing you have ever done.
Sometimes I wear a Walter Zoomie Original Tshirt, I catch a lot of shit for it too.

Do you give tours on your Pirate Ship?
Yes, I give tours, if you are smart enough to figure out were I am, I figure it's the least I can do.

Are you anti Government?
No, I'm anti tyrant

Ominous Happenings, The Pope Quits, This is not Good

1000 year old prediction comes true and the rest of the prediction won't go well. The signs are all here and it's yours and my last chance to bow down and worship the one true and living God. Get down to your local church and beg God to withhold his hand of judgement and I'm not kidding. We all thought we could get by with it, we thought that we could break the laws of nature that God put on earth when he created it. We were wrong and it's time to get back to church and get on our knees and beg and plead that God will reverse his mighty judgement against the earth. We have snubbed God one time to many and now the worlds chickens have come home to roost. To all you who laugh and think this is junk just isn't paying any attention to current events. There may not be a chance, it might be too late, we might be moving down the hill so fast and we can't stop until the wheels fall off. America was the last nation on earth who worship God in heaven and now that's not true. Do you really believe it's an accident that a meteor fell to earth and killed a thousand people in Russia? Russia declared herself to be free of God at the Communist Revolution and God being a Fair God said ok. now whatever this cold universe has in mind for this world is coming like a freight train and God's hand won't be there to stop it. You see you can't change the laws of the universe, when God said a man shouldn't live with a man, and murder is murder no matter if it's under a scalpel of a "Doctor" or if in a back alley. STD's is at massive levels, now you will say that you don't believe that God would do this, and you would be right. God doesn't curse you are the earth, you do it to yourself. Let's say you buy a new car, and the new car comes with a owners manual and you decide that the owners manual is stupid and the creator of that car wouldn't let anything happen to you and you decide your car is special and doesn't need any oil to run. So you ignore the oil levels and all is fine for a while and you proudly think to yourself, Ï did it! I knew the manufacturer of this car wouldn't let anything bad happen." So you go on with not putting in oil. Soon you start to hear noise from under the hood of your car, but it's still running so you ignore it knowing you made the right choice. After a while your car starts to overheat and starts getting harder to start. Then one day you wake up and the car is completely seized up and will not longer start at all. And your flabbergasted. How could the manufacturer have let you down and given you a car that needed maintenance? Why has this happen? I hate to type and any thinking person understands what happened. When you threw the manual away and decided to ignore it, you doomed yourself to certain catastrophe. And mankind has done the same thing with earth. When God created the earth (and he did) he gave us an owners manual, it's called the Bible, and God told us how to run this earth with all the maintenance and upkeep required to live a long, healthy and blessed life. But we have thrown the manual away and decided we didn't need it. We ignored the manual, didn't do the maintenance and told God we don't need him hanging around. So God Being a Just and Fair God, has removed his hand from the earth and said, "You have a free will, Do as you please". But we didn't read the fine print as to what will happened if we do and the result is now here. I don't have to tell you that everything is really really fucked up. really. Look around and watch as it gets worse and worse. But you think, at least I don't have to worship God. Yeah, you tell yourself that, but believe me, something is coming and you WILL Worship that thing that is coming or you will be murdered. But don't worry, if the thing that is coming doesn't kill you all the crap that will be happening on this earth will kill you.
and you think you got it all figured out......
Repent now and pray that God will hear your prayers, it's almost too late and you are too busy watching the super bowl to care..... who won by the way??

I Paid $3.85 A Gallon For Gas Yesterday

Another failed policy by the Obama administration. Again, Where is the press wildly screaming about "obscene profits" ? I have not hear one word about the filthy rich oil barons sucking up the wealth of the nation.
Is anyone paying attention to this???? I'll bet the people with marginal jobs are paying attention. I hear obama wants to raise the minimum wage to $9:00 an hour. and he also is lowing the wages earned to $9.00 and hour coincidence? I think not. soon we will all be making $9.00 an hour and live in our happy collective country where everyone (except politicians) are making the same thing and we all live in poverty together.
and I blame everyone in government, democrats and republicans the same.
hell why not? obama has flooded the world with dollars and everyone is cool with it. trillions and trillions and trillions being distributed throughout the world. I don't know who is dumber us or the flagging idiots who buy our bonds....you have to admit, obama has fooled the world, they all think he is great....it just proves how gullible and stupid everyone is. they all want to fool the public, make sure they keep buying and buying till the world is full of ipods and candy canes. electric cars and donuts.
I wonder what the price of gasoline will be tomorrow? obama has lots of electric cars to sell.

amazing, the price of gas is so high, and the tax on it goes up with it. think you've outsmarted the tax man with you chevy volt??? think again. (what you going to do when the battery goes dead.....and it will.....hehehe clever boy!!!

As Obama Destroys Our Defense, America's Enemys Encroach

isn't it clear? do we have to be hit by either China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan and on and on and on before we understand that Obama's lowering America's defense shield is guaranteeing our ultimate demise? In my mind this is just another reason why we need our own defense because obama's action in national security; is so abysmal that we are certain to be attacked by someone and maybe by our own government! does anyone understand the implications of the layoff of 50000 marines? does anyone understand the implications of two Russian long range bombers over Guam? Do you believe we have the money to fight a war with anyone right now? Do you believe that obama has the will to fight for America and our constitution against a communist country? hell he is a communist, why would he fight want he wants for this country? America is so screwed right now. the only thing we have going for us is our right to bear arms. without that, we have nothing, obama does what he wants and you and I cease to exist. I won't stand for it. obama is the worse thing that ever happened to this country and I have real problems with believing the majority of this country agrees with him or voted for him. we thought the "not an American" line was a problem, now he used massive voter fraud to be re-elected. I hear Senators saying how they are going to do this and going to do that and they can do whatever they want, obama will ignore them and no one will stop him. denuding the military when we have all these threats. hell at this point they could just walk right in sit down and start making demands. obama won't stop em, he wants this. he will be pissed when he finds out that they hang him first thing, but he believes what they believe and thinks they are all buddies. Get ready folks, you don't just have our government coming to take your guns and freedom. have you made you gorilla small cells yet? just be careful of government infiltrators.
coming to a back yard near you!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Legitimate Media??? Really??? Really???


the media in America only spews forth what obama vomits in there mouth to say. the news media in this country needs to be destroyed. they are the propaganda arm of obama and have served him well in his take over of America. for America to ever have a chance to survive, the traditional news media in America must be dismantled and their "reporters" to be strewn to a desert island in Antarctica. That will be the first step to getting America back.

Gas Prices Keep Going Up


I warned you

See What Obama And The Left Has Brought You?

they claim to have a heart, the left. They claim to care about grandma and grandpa. well read this

you fawn over your new dictator like he is the reincarnation of Christ himself. but he is a vile and evil man who will stop at nothing to claim his power over everyone.
you disgusting people who elected this man so you could have an obamaphone should be thrown out of your ill gotten digs and be forced to face what these poor elderly people face.
America is no longer beautiful, America is a cold dark place who has allowed the land of Mordor to overrun us. when judgement day comes and it will. you better look for a place to hide. Because the God of Jacob will come and strike a mighty blow into the hearts of the evil one. the one who destroyed and burned the Shining City on the Hill! Ashes now, a mere skeleton of the great and might land that Godly men built with strong hands and God to guide them! but we succumbed to the tragic poison of the left, free everything, take it from the rich! drink and play video games all day. don't care about tradition, don't care about the Church or God! think not on the good things, think on drunkenness and corruption, laugh as our government rapes this nation of all worldly goods and strikes the very name of God from the mantles of marble buildings! God will have revenge on you, you evil one who are sluggards and slothful. the vile putrid vomit that pours from you mouth will be the very poison that destroys you. The Bible said the mouths of the saints will call down the wrath of God on this evil generation. Well I'm calling it down! We need to know that God is in control and will not see the good things he has built trampled down by this vile and evil generation. Beware! God is Not Mocked!! Whatsoever a man sows that SHALL HE REAP!! and we are sowing the seeds of bitter fruits that will surely come back to us as we engage in our vile activities.
this nation is the nation of pure greed!! Take for those that have to give to those who do not care. This can not stand and I am calling on almighty God to give back this land to the righteous and give us another chance to make this once again ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

LAPD Declares War On Select Citizens. What is going on?


along with this, there are reports of drones in the skies over LA. We are seeing the beginning of civil war.
Clever obama sends Dorner to "break the ice" this way he can deny involvement. It makes sense to secure Los Angeles and the west coast as obama intends to call China in to support his attack from non Americans. Check it with other agencies, China is building up arms on the east coast in a mock attack on Japan, they will jump over Japan and float an armada in to San Diego to secure the support and ensure a beachhead on American soil.
this isn't good.....

Christopher Dorner and "Several Thousand Followers" Strike First Blow

A Rogue ex cop seeking revenge for his termination from the LAPD is on the run with the help of several thousand supporters. I for one would never has guessed this blow to be struck in the liberals own back yard of Los Angeles. Amazing! The fact that he is still at large suggests that he has infrastructure in place and many to call on to support his murder of others. He supports Obama and gun control. He is rogue and no one seems to be able to find him. I suggest that he is being supported from the white house and he is now raising an army with support of drones to gather intelligence. The next great civil war has started.
Christopher Dorner will go down as the rogue leader who flew interference for the Obama administration. He will continue on his murder spree until engaged by the constitutionalists. I wonder how long it will take before the war is engaged? Whoever engages must understand that this man is not alone in his efforts. He is supported from the highest office in the land. He will be the new "General Sherman"with a march of destruction that will go unchallenged until the constitutionalists get their war legs. Every day this man is free the more and more support he will get from the liberals. The game is afoot. Obama struck the first blow and will go unchallenged as it looks like just another deranged shooter is loose. This man is skilled and motivated. He must be stopped. Obama must be stopped.
The time is now. the time for talk is over.
Looking for John Conner.
This is just the beginning.....

Can you Feel It? It's Coming


obama's plan for you

The Left Has Fired The First Shot.


interesting twist, will this spread?

and the left is cool with this, he's pushing gun control, drones, all the left's agenda, now you need to ask is they are really interested in catching this maniac.

Why I Will NEVER EVER GIVE UP My Guns!!!

Because the Flag Is Still There and I WILL NOT LET IT FALL!!! The bombs blowing up around me. This is my country and Obama and his minions will not take it from me. Call me a terrorist, call me evil!! Buts those words ring true for me.
I Pledge Allegiance To the Flag,
Of the United States of America
And to the Republic for Which It Stands,
One Nation UNDER GOD, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL.
Obama will come, I will be ready, and I will fall and my blood will spill and he will rejoice! But others will see that my fight was just and they will understand just what they have lost. And they will find the tools I left behind and rise up on wings of eagles! They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint and our righteous country will storm against the fascists and through them into the pit that God has reserved for Satan and his minions. And America will again bow down to the one True God and God will again bless this nation as the light to the world. And we will lead the world again with a true light that no one can deny.
Join me in this fight.

Really? We Owe The Chinese 1.2 Trillion Dollars?

Seriously, We owe China 1.2 trillion.
I hear a lot about hypocrisy these days but if you truly want to know the definition of hypocrisy this is it. A Nation that eliminated slavery and a black man in charge of the country, is borrowing money from China who hold their people in chains. They work literally for Slave Wages in China and their product all goes to the communist government while they live in ditches. And the Chinese government is taking the profit from slaves and loaning it to this nation so we can let half the population in America live in leisure. How ironic, the country who calls everyone racist and wants revenge for slavery from 200 years ago, is willing to take the money from another country that is produced by slave wages. I think soon the Chinese people will have a case against America for taking the slave money they borrow and using it to  pad EBT cards. So some really really poor person in China is breaking their backs in the rice paddies for pennies a day, is forced to give their money to the communist government so they can loan it to America. WOW that is intense. So the same people who knows first hand what slavery is all about is perfectly OK with our government taking loans from a nation who has their people in slavery. We really don't have a grip on this and we are so selfish that we are willing to still take the wages of slaves and sit on our porches and drink hard cider. This is so disgusting. and the Left? How dare they? How dare they say anything? They know and I mean they know exactly where the Chinese money is made and they take it like the winnings at a poker table.
this is just so disgusting. America needs judgement. We talk about blood diamonds and how no one should own one, we talk about Apartheid and how the white minority was in control of the majority of a country. and the ultimate stupidity we talk about how it's so fair for the financially disabled to have an öbamaphone> REALLY???? PLEASE TELL ME IT ISN'T SO!!!!! REALLY. SO THE LITTLE OLD LADY KILLING HERSELF IN THE RICE PADDIES OF CHINA IS MAKING SURE WE HAVE ÖBAMAPHONES"?  I can't stand it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

That Reminds Me, What's Up With Oil Prices???

what kind of profits are the evil oil companies making now when George Bush had the price of gasoline all the way up to $1.89!!!! a gallon and the press went wild!!! now the price is $4.15 and no one says shit....oh that's right, the obama loving press hasn't told you to hate the price of gas and the evil oil companies so you don't. even thought when you fill up your wallet bottoms out. I wonder what happens if the press tells you your bellies full that you actually get calories from that.