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Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm Still Waiting?!?!?!

what will it finally take to get the citizens of the United States to get off their asses and do something about what's going on?
Do they have to take your kids first?
Do they have to kill your Mother in cold blood?
Do they have to pull over your Dad and Shoot him just for fun?
Do they have to raid your church and steal all the kids and arrest the parents?
Do they have to raid your house in the middle of the night searching for "drugs"?
Do they have to steal all you money?
Do they have to steal your property?
Do they have to outlaw your guns?
Does the USDA have to buy sub-machine guns with 30 round clips?
Does the US Postal Service have to buy a million rounds of ammunition?
Does the Bureau of Land Management have to declare your property off limits because of a turtle?
The Federal Government now has the right to look up your ass....literally?
The Federal Government now has the right to disrobe you at all public transportation harbors.
The Federal Government now has the right to listen in on your phone calls
The Federal Government now has the right to take your children, any time any reason.
this list is endless it goes on and on

and you sit and play video games and drink beer and let the government feel up your wife.....
and that's ok
what if it's not ok with me? does that make me a terrorist? or just aware.

please answer me? I'm still waiting.

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