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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Enemy Within

People are waking as if from a dream
they are learning and losing from our governments schemes

We walk through the night of a repressive regime
And pray that God's might will soon steal the scene.

When the leader of the land deleted "In God We Trust"
He didn't care of the implications or the pain of the just.

And now we are here fighting government's volley
while the Senate and Congress continues their terrible folly

Teachers and postmen and police and the Press
have all taken up arms against the new terrorists

Families and Church's and people who work
are the ones the government have decided to shirk

Don't think if you "get along" you will avoid the coming mess
Or paying enough taxes will ease the stress

You know when you look they are coming for you
but you stick you head in the sand and try to placate them too

but it doesn't matter what you think, do or say
because it's not really about that anyway

they want to destroy all the things that were created
and make sure the ones to built it are fully sedated

But we are rising from the ashes not one day late
and looking around at what once was great

and now we begin to push back this great folly
and it is the govenment who readies to take the next volley

the power is all on the side of the tyrant
and the press says "all is well" when they know full well different

but now the destruction is just so pervasive
even the soccer Mom's are starting to see it.

and slowly but surely we push the evil back
while watching our backs for another attack

so get down on your knees and pray to God for Mercy
then you are half way down to the prone position when it gets dicey

On wing and a prayer we fight for our great nation
But all of our lives rest on the Almighty of Creation

And if at the end it becomes a war of attrition
Just pray for God's blessing and pass the ammunition!


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