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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Strong Medicine from Wirecutter

Happy New Year, motherfuckers.

We made it through another one, although I don’t see where that make’s any damned difference at all.
All I got to say is I made through the year without killing a motherfucker. I think.
I got no words of encouragement, not the traditional kind, anyways.
I will say this though:
An unloaded rifle is a club.
An unloaded handgun isn’t even a fucking club.
Be kind to animals. If you hunt, kill it cleanly.
Fuck Obama.
Condition Yellow at all times.
Keep an eye on your friends. Take that any way you want.
Charity comes from the heart.
Don’t be a pussy. Take no shit off nobody.
You can be pushed only if you allow it.
Do your recons. Keep them current.
The moment you show fear or submission, you lose.
Respect only those that have earned it.
Well, that’s about all I got.

I can add nothing except "God Help Us!"

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