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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Support Those On The Front Line

As things continue and the Obama administration is content to drain the assets of American until there is nothing left. You really should consider shifting your giving to those who are currently on the front lines fight the propaganda war for us until this goes hot. they are giving of themselves, their time, their money and their sacred honor holding back the gates of hell until those of us who do not know what's going on finally wake up and smell the cat piss. In the meantime discontinue donating your money to the waste of time charity's that just waste you money anyway and donate to something that will matter for at least 200 years.
Donate to the cause of Liberty and the American Constitution by sending money to the following patriots that are already on the front line for your sake.

Official Radio Free America of the 3
Special Note! desperate Need for Cash Flow, Transmitters busted much personal wealth of true patriots have kept this going...Please send anything you can do as soon as possible. We are facing the loss of an extremely valuable resource. Let's help Braveheart continue to poke authority with a sharp stick.

Ms. Barnhardt has already lost her personal Fortune for the Sake of America
Head of Economic Affairs in the next Government

Irreverent look at the 3 Movement

Hagmann and Hagmann Report The official Christian Chaplains of the 3 Movement
Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc.*
P.O. Box 9534
Erie, PA 16505

Head of Propaganda Affairs in the Next government

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