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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Farm Raised Fish Concerns

I have been taking a closer look at growing my own fish. I like fish and with all the toxins associated with fish I thought it might serve my family to do some fish raising of our own for the table. Here is a link of some of the concerns associated with Farm Raised Fish:

That just doesn't sound very healthful or appetizing. This summer our family swimming pool, which has become smaller and smaller with every year, became my fish growing experiment for the summer. I went to the bait shop and picked up minnows and three carp. Throwing them into the murky, not yet been cleaned depths of the small pool, I left them to see how they would fare on their own and without any added oxygenation. The next day, I didn't see any floating bodies so I ran to the store to buy some fish food. If they were going to live, they were going to need food. I wasn't pleased with the food choices, but found some fish flakes and pellets in larger containers and purchased those.

After about a week, I had some floaters. Two of the carp and a rather large number of minnows. Just when I thought they had all died, I glimpsed a golden flash of what had to be a surviving carp and what looked like a dust cloud moving around the pool. Turns out on closer look, that moving dust cloud were baby minnows. Thousands of baby minnows were clumping together. Every now and then I would still see a few grown minnows, but it was getting more rare.

Throughout the summer the fish were fed daily. I found that they preferred the color flaked food over the pellets. They grew to an impressive size. Next I need to find a better food supply and house them over winter. I will never be able to get all the fish out of the pool, so it will be a dual experiment with wintering over outside in the pool and inside in a tank.

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