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Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm So Amazing and Interesting, Wonderful and Divine! That's Why My Government Watches ME 24/7

I'm a movie Star!

The Las Vegas Public Works Department has begun testing a newly installed street light system around City Hall with wide-ranging capabilities including audio and video recording.

According to the Michigan based “Illuminating Concepts,” the system’s main benefits include “energy management, security and entertainment.” The Las Vegas setup includes such features as emergency notification flashers, playable music and a sound announcement system, all controlled from an Ipad.
“Actually, there’s a server that’s housed by the company that’s providing this product and we’re communicating with just a wireless, wi-fi connection,” Neil Rohleder of the Public Works Department told My News 3.
The company’s lights, which also offer a “Homeland Security” feature, received major backlash in 2011 following reports of the system’s federally-funded roll out across the country. The feature allows for emergency government announcements which will likely include such slogans as “See Something, Say Something” as well as other irrationally fear-based messages already seen in Wal Mart’s DHS-run “telescreens.”
Local privacy advocate Daphne Lee has begun speaking out against the system, pointing to the ever-increasing surveillance dragnet cast over everyday innocent Americans.
“This technology, you know is taking us to a place where, you know, you’ll essentially be monitored from the moment you leave your home till the moment you get home,” said Lee.

I'm so cool, you never know what clever thing I'm going to say or do, and the government just can't get enough of my wondrous imaginings!!! I'm watched and listened to 24/7. I wonder what my Neilson ratings are??? Must be big for me to get so much attention.

Hey maybe I should ask for my tapes and start a new reality show! I can see it now...."Pirate Morgan Does Washington DC" has a ring to it doesn't it? My ratings must be big for them to spend so much money on all the camera's in my home and car, even at my job!


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