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Friday, November 1, 2013

There Is a Price To Pay

As everyone finally comes to the realization that Obama and America just doesn't mix, they will slowly but surely realize that they have been duped. I would like to think that I know what this will mean but to be honest I can't be sure. I know that I have, for a very long time now, understood that our government and the majority of Americans can't live in the same country peaceably, I also know that the verbal barbs being traded are really unforgivable, including my own. I however am willing to pay the price for what my antics have caused. I am willing and ready to pay that price as I hope many others are also ready to pay whatever the price will be. I relate a lot with the Confederates in these times, because you see, they were at this point in January of 1861 when they had a belly full of another tyrant Buchanan then Lincoln who took power and tried to destroy the South economically. Being fair minded, the South tried to succeed from the Union peacefully, but Lincoln would have no part of that and with the firing of the South on Fort Sumter, (in essence an enemy fort behind the lines) well you know the rest. And now fast forward, we have another tyrant in office and the people are getting a belly full again. and I doubt they will continue to take the bullying and bullshit this Kenyan is willing to dish out. So here we go.

Make no mistake! There will be a price to pay, and the Federals have the weapons and the TSA to call on to fight their war. They are gearing up for one hell of a war, already sending war machines to every state to "keep things under control" when they declare Marshall law.

And now the bad part, the price.....well it's really everything, everything you own, everything you have everything you are, up to and including your life, but hell, Obama is going to take that from you anyway so get used to the idea. I would rather go down fighting instead of dying on one of Obama's death beds.

so it's your call, you need to choose, you have no choice, you will be pulled in one way or the other.
will you resist tyranny? or will you succumb to the ways of the communists? maybe you will just route for whoever appears to be winning at the time? maybe you will be hung as a traitor, from either side.

you have to ask yourself, what do you believe and what is worth dying for. what will you give up?

is resistance futile? or imperative? 'Will this all blow over? or will it destroy everything in it's path?

Do you have the guts? or are you a bystander?

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