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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Prepared Bed Is About to Be Occupied

With November 1st just hours away, what will be the effect of the governments placement of people on welfare? Tomorrow the trap springs and the government pulls the rug out from under those who need it most. First they jerked the jobs and put them on welfare, now the other shoes falls and they pull the welfare out.
It won't be long now as this has been rising to a crescendo now for literally years, words are written, anger is palatable, and guns are sitting next to the bedstead. parents will try to steal to feed families, and people will fight to stop them. government will declare marshall law and come to "save" us.
this will escalate out of control as anger over the governments intrusion into our lives finally become to much to take.
We are about to lose our power due to inclement weather, so I will try to be brief, I won't kid anyone, the hour is late and the fuse is lit, many are ready, many are not. Everyone knows it and is on pins and needles. I don't know our future and am not sure how the patriot movement will fare, we have many enemies and few friends.
I pray for our nation and beg God's forgiveness and mercy on our souls. We don't deserve redemption and I'm certain no quarter will be given.
As it should be.

God forgive me and our nation for turning our backs on him.....


  1. Heavenly Father, We know You Live! We know You and You alone will protect us in our hour of need. Let the chips fall where they may, and Lord, take us home, if that is Your plan. Forgive us, Father, for we are sinners and we let this happen. We come to You in repentance. Forgive us. In Your Holy Son's Name, Jesus, Amen.