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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The World Cheers!!! John Kerry Is USA Secretary of State!!

you've got to be putting me on!!! really???? really????? hehehe this is hilarious talk about scrapping the bottom of the Heinz Catchup bottle!! Next we will find out that Jane Fonda is the head of Propaganda and Homeland Security!!!! America has no respect left.for itself, we have no Diplomats we have no Statesmen we only have obama's henchmen. oh lucky us. is there any crime we won't commit? is there any plunder we won't execute??? is there any rape we won't take part in? Washington DC is the epitome of corruption and violence, of lies and intrigue, of vile and debasement. everyone elected spends more money getting elected then the job actually pays. there is a reason for this. we did this to ourselves. the interesting thing is that soccer mom's still soccer, working dad's still work, police state neighborhoods still police, crime infested neighborhoods still crime. etc. Washington dc is a cancer that must be removed if the host is to live... we can not have a country with no laws, with no virtue and with no conscience. Americans better get engaged or there will be cannon fire in the distance. are we so silly to imagine it won't happen here???? get ready. the demarcation lines are drawn and everyone is ordering guns and ammunition.

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