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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Christmas Season is Upon Us!

I love the sights and sounds of the Christmas Season! The pretty decorations, the children's nativity play, the choirs beautiful rendition of "Silent Night". I used to get caught up in the secular season, go all out shopping for the kids, dinner parties with friends, lots of alcohol and food, but lately, as the government continues it's attack on the Catholic Church. I understand more of what the Christmas Season actually means. The Christ Child laying in a manger, bringing God's love to all in a personal way. We are so blessed by God to have the opportunity to worship him in the open (so far) with singing and praise and joy and peace to all. We can not get caught up in the world and their divisions. We have to continually search for God's peace that passes all understanding. We are coming upon a new year that will bring new challenges and hard choices. But for now, we can bask in the joy of the season and contemplate on our God and his love that we can not understand. We still have our Church and the Priest, and the community of Christ. We still have the joy and love of each other. We will have this for a while so enjoy it. When the government moves decisively against the Church, we will have our hands full. but for now, relax and enjoy the season. Fill the Church with the love God intended for his own. Listen to the music, put earthly things in second place, read the story of the Christ child and see it with new eyes. Wrap yourself in the things of God. Remember the poor, feed the homeless, and pray for God's creation. What a wonderful season this is. Praise God!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Enjoy God's Blessings,

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