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Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's Time to Starve the Beast

The government obviously refuses to quit spending, John Boener refuses to defund the senate, Obama refuses to quit pumping worthless cash into our economy. It's time to find ways to cut the funding to the federal government. we need to starve this beast that has taken over our country. I'm surprised really, all business is behind Obama because they think they will benefit from his coup, the press literally has an orgasm every time Obama name is mentioned. they fawn over him from every news outlet, and the stupid people who will not look past his soaring rhetoric continues to think Obama loves them and will take care of them. everyone is thinking they will be the ones who Obama will take care of with their Obama phones and Obama health care and welfare and the list is endless. but the people will rebel, and Obama wants this as he will then declare martial law and then everyone is in trouble. the people on welfare believe they will go to the pig trough forever and Obama will take care of them till they die. I can't wait till these people get their work orders, can you imagine the look on their face when Obama makes them go to work??? and what will happen to those who refuse???? watch what all the other fascist countries do with the lazies!!! they will be sent away and never heard from again. I'm lucky, I work for a living, all they will do to me is send me to a re education camp to be brainwashed. you see, once they have total control and the lazies give total control to Obama, they won't put up with the lazy people anymore. they can't because they need your work units to keep civilization moving and they will get that work no matter what. people didn't pay attention when Russia sent the lazies in to carry sandbags to the nuclear core of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. After all the needs of the many out weight the needs of the few! Tons of sand was poured on the melt down core that day by people who are now dead. but the state used the lazies and now they are hero's for helping control the meltdown at the cost of their lives. Good Deal Huh? the sand totting lazies where so stupid, they didn't understand the danger, but the state did, and the used them up. Or how about when Russia went to war against Germany? The lazies where told to advance on the German army, the front line was handed a gun and told to charge and when that person was shot dead the next person was to pick up the gun they dropped and continue the charge, if they turned around to retreat the Russian Generals had them shot before they could get away. The needs of the many out weight the needs of the few. You want the state to own you? and to use you how they see fit? FOOL. you will be told to charge against me and I will gun you down and the next one too. You are used to a government who has Christian values and the sanctity of life, well the government you elected knows no such values. Once they take complete control you are nothing, you are just another brick in the wall. and you feel so smug as Obama takes you by the hand and leads you over the cliff. the state cares nothing for you, you are just a bug splattered on the wind shield of life. as Obama body surfs in Hawaii and dines on fine foods and the best wine, you eat the crumbs for the kings table and are happy with it. You are the useful fool, the useful idiot who the journalists are so in love with. they will be the first ones shot in the coming conflict, the government won't need their useful idiots any more and when they figure out they have been used they will turn against the government and get shot, or the people they fooled into believing this bull crap in the first place will understand what happened and blame the press for it all and they will shoot them. Either way, the press is doomed. Anyone with balls left will take action against this government. Obama and the democrats are the enemy. We need to starve this beast and quit giving them our money.
Do you have the guts to stand? Or will you carry sand to the Chernobyl of this government until you are dead?

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