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Saturday, December 22, 2012

If It Keeps On Raining The Levy's Going To Break

When the Levy Breaks
How much more graft and corruption will we put up with from this government? they are stealing our tax dollars and giving some to the "poor" (read lazies) and taking the rest for themselves. It's interesting to me because the money they are stealing loses value every day as a result of the non-stop printing press cranking out more money every second (actually they just keep adding "0"s to the big computer in the sky) so why bother stealing money that will be worthless soon anyway? makes no sense to me. I feel sorry for my grand children. I doubt my blogging does any substantive good and the government is huge and totally out of control. I can't imagine what it will take to bring this back to some reasonable semblance of a country. I hope all those people with guns really will take to the streets to take back control when they come for guns. As this issue seems to be the only thing people really care about, and the government wants absolute control with no possible resistance, so we eventually have the proverbial showdown at the OK corral, with no one willing to move waiting for the other to draw. with this being the case Obama is very clever to hold back on taking guns until he has the rest of the situation in hand. the more people he can get dependant on the government for food and shelter, the less likely they will be to fight when he comes for the guns. It makes sense if you think about it. No one will care about the guns if they are hungry. And all obama needs is a few more senseless slaughters and he won't have to do anything as the left will be more than willing to start going door to door to collect guns. If this is nothing else it is interesting. Who will pull the trigger? Who will shoot first? How many more insults with the workers take before they have had a belly full and won't take anymore? Will the military ignore their oath to protect the constitution and attack the workers when they finally break? Why won't someone do something about obama now as he has not defended the constitution as he pledged to do? Is this why obama is insisting on being sworn in this time in private? Will he bastardize the swearing in so much that he knows not even the lowlife press will be able to stand it???? Will the Catholics start raising a private Army to defend against the coming persecution of the Church? will the Catholics support a third party and run conservative people for government so the Real Catholics have a voice in government and someone the Real Church can vote for without holding their nose? These questions all have to be answered. but in the meantime, bury your cashes deep and out of the nose of the government. They can't be everywhere but they are trying. You will need those supplies when the government starts controlling the food so they can control the people.

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