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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Just Quit Spending, Really, It's That Simple

Here we are "We the People" still getting all our money flushed down the toilet. We have elected (and that's the sad part) a bunch of freaks who make us feel good at election time and then do whatever the hell they want to do the rest of the time. They pass laws they have no intention to follow, they make sure that the money pot is feeding their coffers very handsomely while they pass laws that destroy jobs for you and me. To not know this you have to have you head straight up your own ass. But I know so many people who are like that, as long as they have their immediate needs taken care of, they really don't care who is in charge or what the outcome of elections will be. So many people are on food stamps and welfare and housing assistance and heating assistance and child care assistance and medical assistance and on and on and on. Why work? Really Why Bother? they take the money I make which is earned by my willingness to get up every morning, get ready for work, jump in my car, buy expensive gas, wear decent clothes, get to work on time, put up with my jerk boss who knows every fucking thing, work my ass off, stuff GMO food down my throat in a half hour, get my ass back on the job, at the end of the day, I wonder if they are going to fire me cause they found someone in China who will do my job for $1.00 a day. drive home grab a couple of beers and try to forget that my neighbor stayed home and played Wii all day and went to the store and got what he wanted on his EBT card, turned up his thermostat to 75 because he got a chill sitting on his dead ass doing nothing, then making all kinds of noise at night while him and his out of work buddies party all night and keep me up. when I go to work the next morning they are sending postcards, emails and letters to our state representative begging for more federal assistance because I drive a nicer car than them and that's not fair. REALLY????? this is now my life, working so my neighbor can suck down the money I earn????? I am outraged!!!! I just don't  have time to tell my representative how outraged I am and he doesn't care about me because my lazy neighbors now out number me and what they say goes. In the meantime our president is body surfing in Hawaii while we go off the fiscal cliff which means I will pay even more taxes. All because this president has found a why to buy the votes of stupid people who refuse to work yet get all the benefits. EXACTLY HOW IS THIS FAIR???? it doesn't matter because this government understands that I'm too busy working my ass off trying to pay my taxes and do the right thing. In the meantime Obama refuses to cut taxes and cut spending. this is very short sighted as soon I will perceive that I have nothing to lose and when that happens I'm no sure how everything will play out. I know I will not continue working when the workers of this country are not the enemy of everyone. I know I will not continue to do the right thing if no one else has to. I know I will quit paying taxes and go hide in the woods when the IRS comes for me!!! Then the government will have a fight one their hands. This will not continue if I have to personally clear out Washington DC single handed. If you catch me and throw me in jail I will write my book on My Struggles and we will see wear that will go.
In the meantime, if the government does not quit spending, this death spiral will continue until it becomes apparent to all that we must empty Washington and start again

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