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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Who Is The Pirate?

I will tell you up front that some of this is a lie, I will let you figure out which ones are correct.
So you are a Pirate do you wear an eye patch?
Yes I wear an eye patch, sometimes.

Do you have a regular Job?
Yes I have a regular job but my boss wants to fire me cause I keep saying ARRGGGG to the customers

Do you raid ships on the east or west coast?
Yes both the east and west coast, watch the Panama canal on web cam and you can see me pass through. but it's always at night and I don't fly the Jolly Roger as I pass. Look for the ships name "Nanchero"

Do you drink Rum?
Not Really, I'm more of a V8 and vodka guy myself

Have you ever killed anyone?
Not lately, I'm trying to quit.

How many cannons do you have on your boat?
10 guns starboard and 10 guns to the port.

Do you believe in God?
How can you not believe in God? that's a stupid question

Do you own a Ham Radio?
Yes, I operate a Pirate Radio Station"(hello) If you read my blog, you will know when and what frequencies.

Do you smoke?
Yes just like my guns, I smoke a pipe (appropriate don't you think?)

Are You Married?
Which Port?

What's the worse thing you have ever done.
Sometimes I wear a Walter Zoomie Original Tshirt, I catch a lot of shit for it too.

Do you give tours on your Pirate Ship?
Yes, I give tours, if you are smart enough to figure out were I am, I figure it's the least I can do.

Are you anti Government?
No, I'm anti tyrant

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