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Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Paid $3.85 A Gallon For Gas Yesterday

Another failed policy by the Obama administration. Again, Where is the press wildly screaming about "obscene profits" ? I have not hear one word about the filthy rich oil barons sucking up the wealth of the nation.
Is anyone paying attention to this???? I'll bet the people with marginal jobs are paying attention. I hear obama wants to raise the minimum wage to $9:00 an hour. and he also is lowing the wages earned to $9.00 and hour coincidence? I think not. soon we will all be making $9.00 an hour and live in our happy collective country where everyone (except politicians) are making the same thing and we all live in poverty together.
and I blame everyone in government, democrats and republicans the same.
hell why not? obama has flooded the world with dollars and everyone is cool with it. trillions and trillions and trillions being distributed throughout the world. I don't know who is dumber us or the flagging idiots who buy our bonds....you have to admit, obama has fooled the world, they all think he is great....it just proves how gullible and stupid everyone is. they all want to fool the public, make sure they keep buying and buying till the world is full of ipods and candy canes. electric cars and donuts.
I wonder what the price of gasoline will be tomorrow? obama has lots of electric cars to sell.

amazing, the price of gas is so high, and the tax on it goes up with it. think you've outsmarted the tax man with you chevy volt??? think again. (what you going to do when the battery goes dead.....and it will.....hehehe clever boy!!!

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