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Monday, February 11, 2013

See What Obama And The Left Has Brought You?

they claim to have a heart, the left. They claim to care about grandma and grandpa. well read this

you fawn over your new dictator like he is the reincarnation of Christ himself. but he is a vile and evil man who will stop at nothing to claim his power over everyone.
you disgusting people who elected this man so you could have an obamaphone should be thrown out of your ill gotten digs and be forced to face what these poor elderly people face.
America is no longer beautiful, America is a cold dark place who has allowed the land of Mordor to overrun us. when judgement day comes and it will. you better look for a place to hide. Because the God of Jacob will come and strike a mighty blow into the hearts of the evil one. the one who destroyed and burned the Shining City on the Hill! Ashes now, a mere skeleton of the great and might land that Godly men built with strong hands and God to guide them! but we succumbed to the tragic poison of the left, free everything, take it from the rich! drink and play video games all day. don't care about tradition, don't care about the Church or God! think not on the good things, think on drunkenness and corruption, laugh as our government rapes this nation of all worldly goods and strikes the very name of God from the mantles of marble buildings! God will have revenge on you, you evil one who are sluggards and slothful. the vile putrid vomit that pours from you mouth will be the very poison that destroys you. The Bible said the mouths of the saints will call down the wrath of God on this evil generation. Well I'm calling it down! We need to know that God is in control and will not see the good things he has built trampled down by this vile and evil generation. Beware! God is Not Mocked!! Whatsoever a man sows that SHALL HE REAP!! and we are sowing the seeds of bitter fruits that will surely come back to us as we engage in our vile activities.
this nation is the nation of pure greed!! Take for those that have to give to those who do not care. This can not stand and I am calling on almighty God to give back this land to the righteous and give us another chance to make this once again ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!

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