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Saturday, February 16, 2013

As Obama Destroys Our Defense, America's Enemys Encroach

isn't it clear? do we have to be hit by either China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan and on and on and on before we understand that Obama's lowering America's defense shield is guaranteeing our ultimate demise? In my mind this is just another reason why we need our own defense because obama's action in national security; is so abysmal that we are certain to be attacked by someone and maybe by our own government! does anyone understand the implications of the layoff of 50000 marines? does anyone understand the implications of two Russian long range bombers over Guam? Do you believe we have the money to fight a war with anyone right now? Do you believe that obama has the will to fight for America and our constitution against a communist country? hell he is a communist, why would he fight want he wants for this country? America is so screwed right now. the only thing we have going for us is our right to bear arms. without that, we have nothing, obama does what he wants and you and I cease to exist. I won't stand for it. obama is the worse thing that ever happened to this country and I have real problems with believing the majority of this country agrees with him or voted for him. we thought the "not an American" line was a problem, now he used massive voter fraud to be re-elected. I hear Senators saying how they are going to do this and going to do that and they can do whatever they want, obama will ignore them and no one will stop him. denuding the military when we have all these threats. hell at this point they could just walk right in sit down and start making demands. obama won't stop em, he wants this. he will be pissed when he finds out that they hang him first thing, but he believes what they believe and thinks they are all buddies. Get ready folks, you don't just have our government coming to take your guns and freedom. have you made you gorilla small cells yet? just be careful of government infiltrators.
coming to a back yard near you!!

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