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Sunday, February 17, 2013

And the Gun Is Still Lying On the Table.

the biggest decision you will ever make in your entire life is looming ahead of you. Soon you need to understand how you will proceed with the current government. Will you go along to get along? will you decide he can't have your freedoms that cheaply and will need to pay for it with blood? Will you decide to just go to work tomorrow and hope this all blows away? will you wish everyone would just go away so you can get back to your football game. We are living in times that may not let you decide for yourself. If obama gets every ones guns he can do whatever he wants and no one can stop him. His government has bought an obscene amount of firepower in the event of such domestic troubles. I am screwed because I was raised to be patriotic to America and I can't just let this happen. I had Friends who died fighting in several wars to keep people like obama at bay. but here we are. I would never have thought this would happen here, not here, anyplace but here. America was too big and wonderful to fall to such antics of people like obama. the citizens were too smart, for too clever to be fooled by such a fascist interloper. here we are, the gun is laying on the table in front of us, we can turn around and run, but you have no where to run to. America is the last hope for the world, the last hope for freedom, but now we have to fight to get it back and the gun is laying on the table. You might die, you might get maimed, or disabled. you will certainly lose everything you have ever worked for. I hate to tell you, you've already lost everything, it's just that no one has told you yet. All middle class jobs are gone cause obama doesn't believe in them so you make less money than ever before even though you make more cash than ever, you'll figure it out. Dipped into your 401K yet to make your year end bills ??? you will..... and the gun still sits on the table waiting for your decision. You don't have to do anything as long as you haven't committed to saying anything to your neighbors or on face book about how you feel about America. If you have kept quiet, walk away from the gun and call the authorities to come and get it, because if you leave it there, you will be in trouble up the road a little, why risk it? some one else should take up the cause, the veterans, the single men, or maybe the clergy should fight from the pulpits. You have a life to live and they never really taught you in school any of that pledge of allegiance stuff anyway. Patriotism is for fanatics and terrorists, not for you....this will all blow over and you won't need any gun to protect yourself or your family, just stay low, just keep cool, get rid of the gun and all will be well. Does it feel that way? Do you feel safe? Can you just keep on keeping on? Just lay low, maybe you can fake being gay? or maybe you can join in a pro-abortion protest, will that give you enough cred? You can always hope. call obama and take your gun down to the buyback program then go home and lock your doors......

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