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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christopher Dorner and "Several Thousand Followers" Strike First Blow

A Rogue ex cop seeking revenge for his termination from the LAPD is on the run with the help of several thousand supporters. I for one would never has guessed this blow to be struck in the liberals own back yard of Los Angeles. Amazing! The fact that he is still at large suggests that he has infrastructure in place and many to call on to support his murder of others. He supports Obama and gun control. He is rogue and no one seems to be able to find him. I suggest that he is being supported from the white house and he is now raising an army with support of drones to gather intelligence. The next great civil war has started.
Christopher Dorner will go down as the rogue leader who flew interference for the Obama administration. He will continue on his murder spree until engaged by the constitutionalists. I wonder how long it will take before the war is engaged? Whoever engages must understand that this man is not alone in his efforts. He is supported from the highest office in the land. He will be the new "General Sherman"with a march of destruction that will go unchallenged until the constitutionalists get their war legs. Every day this man is free the more and more support he will get from the liberals. The game is afoot. Obama struck the first blow and will go unchallenged as it looks like just another deranged shooter is loose. This man is skilled and motivated. He must be stopped. Obama must be stopped.
The time is now. the time for talk is over.
Looking for John Conner.
This is just the beginning.....

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