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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ominous Happenings, The Pope Quits, This is not Good

1000 year old prediction comes true and the rest of the prediction won't go well. The signs are all here and it's yours and my last chance to bow down and worship the one true and living God. Get down to your local church and beg God to withhold his hand of judgement and I'm not kidding. We all thought we could get by with it, we thought that we could break the laws of nature that God put on earth when he created it. We were wrong and it's time to get back to church and get on our knees and beg and plead that God will reverse his mighty judgement against the earth. We have snubbed God one time to many and now the worlds chickens have come home to roost. To all you who laugh and think this is junk just isn't paying any attention to current events. There may not be a chance, it might be too late, we might be moving down the hill so fast and we can't stop until the wheels fall off. America was the last nation on earth who worship God in heaven and now that's not true. Do you really believe it's an accident that a meteor fell to earth and killed a thousand people in Russia? Russia declared herself to be free of God at the Communist Revolution and God being a Fair God said ok. now whatever this cold universe has in mind for this world is coming like a freight train and God's hand won't be there to stop it. You see you can't change the laws of the universe, when God said a man shouldn't live with a man, and murder is murder no matter if it's under a scalpel of a "Doctor" or if in a back alley. STD's is at massive levels, now you will say that you don't believe that God would do this, and you would be right. God doesn't curse you are the earth, you do it to yourself. Let's say you buy a new car, and the new car comes with a owners manual and you decide that the owners manual is stupid and the creator of that car wouldn't let anything happen to you and you decide your car is special and doesn't need any oil to run. So you ignore the oil levels and all is fine for a while and you proudly think to yourself, Ï did it! I knew the manufacturer of this car wouldn't let anything bad happen." So you go on with not putting in oil. Soon you start to hear noise from under the hood of your car, but it's still running so you ignore it knowing you made the right choice. After a while your car starts to overheat and starts getting harder to start. Then one day you wake up and the car is completely seized up and will not longer start at all. And your flabbergasted. How could the manufacturer have let you down and given you a car that needed maintenance? Why has this happen? I hate to type and any thinking person understands what happened. When you threw the manual away and decided to ignore it, you doomed yourself to certain catastrophe. And mankind has done the same thing with earth. When God created the earth (and he did) he gave us an owners manual, it's called the Bible, and God told us how to run this earth with all the maintenance and upkeep required to live a long, healthy and blessed life. But we have thrown the manual away and decided we didn't need it. We ignored the manual, didn't do the maintenance and told God we don't need him hanging around. So God Being a Just and Fair God, has removed his hand from the earth and said, "You have a free will, Do as you please". But we didn't read the fine print as to what will happened if we do and the result is now here. I don't have to tell you that everything is really really fucked up. really. Look around and watch as it gets worse and worse. But you think, at least I don't have to worship God. Yeah, you tell yourself that, but believe me, something is coming and you WILL Worship that thing that is coming or you will be murdered. But don't worry, if the thing that is coming doesn't kill you all the crap that will be happening on this earth will kill you.
and you think you got it all figured out......
Repent now and pray that God will hear your prayers, it's almost too late and you are too busy watching the super bowl to care..... who won by the way??

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