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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How in the Hell Did I Miss This?

Centers For Disease Control Announces the End Of Antibiotics at the Exact Same Time The Government Launches Obamacare!! Coincidence?


Now Obama has the built in excuses he needs for the failure of the so called "Obamacare" on the healthcare front. He has already built the most expensive failed software known to man (stolen from the UK no less) but now he has the excuse he needs as to why people will not become healthy after visiting one of his population control officers ( what used to be called a doctor). The Population Control Officers will use similar techniques for helping individuals determine whether they really want or need to be cured of whatever disease they have based on their overall value to society as in too old, too fat, too weak, too mentally frail, too lazy you get the idea. You will never know about this because they will just tell you that there is nothing they can do because the new antibiotics haven't been tested in human trials of those in prison, so they have done all they can do.
Imagine, just a brief scan of your Social Security Number and they will know all they need to know to disposition you accordingly.
No Job? Fail
Job? Continue
Welfare? Fail
Obese? Fail
Mentally Ill? Fail
Autism? Fail
Contributor to the party? Continue
Young? Continue
Just read about how Adolf Hitler used people like these for Drug trials, experimentation, now we have DNA experiments.

I know, our government would never do that ......would they?

You have already made your decision, now sit back and watch the result of your shortsightedness.

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