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Sunday, October 13, 2013

How To Fix It

Let's Do This, I give you a Topic and You Figure Out Why I said it.
If we do these things, America will get fixed, it will take time but it will work.

Only 1 Spouse Works Outside the Home. Pick the one who can make the most money
One Spouse Spends a Lot of time at your children's school Or better, Homeschools Your Children
Spend 1 day a month or more at your local Church or Synagogue
Pay off all your Credit Cards
Use Cash for Everything you buy
Keep your car at least 10 years
Grow a Garden
Own a Gun with 1000 rounds of ammunition
Take up Canning and Drying the produce from your garden
Set up a secondary source for electricity and water for your home
make your own beer and wine
Only buy quality goods that will last a lifetime
Buy as much non-electric goods as possible
Put a clothes line in you yard and dry your clothes on it. (you'd be surprised how good they smell)
Set up a neighborhood watch
Buy a Trampoline and bounce on it every night (seriously)
Join the PTO and begin trying to fire every teacher in your school district starting with the Principal
Run for some local office
Raise Chickens
Eat Non GMO Foods Only
Own at least one car that gets 40 plus miles per gallon of fuel
Pray (even in secret) to God every night
Read the Bible
Study Mountain Guerrilla  http://iiimagazine.com/product/mountain-guerrilla-by-john-mosby/
Have a safe Room
Don't listen to Network News (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) Find Reliable Internet Sources
Never vote for the same politician two times in a row.
Join the Volunteer Fire Department
Play with the kids, or grandkids.
Enjoy the evening sunsets, they are God's Gift for a day's work well done.
Shun fast talking politicians, teachers and salesmen
Teach your children to respect their elders
Teach your children to be of good character
Teach your children the truth about the civil war

I know there are more thing you can do, but these are the top things to do to immediately improve your life, the life of your neighbors, and the life in America.

You don't have to do all, but if you honestly look for a moment and think about why you should do these thing, then weight the cost/ benefit ratio of doing them, you will see why this will work.

try a few to start, then add others, some you will need to work towards, others will be easy.

I personally guarantee these will work, you will be happier and life for everyone will be better

Let's Get Started.....

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