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Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Guess I Just Don't Understand

we have a president who is abusing the presidential office and ignoring the constitution he has sworn to protect, he is attacking the individual states and the individual, he ignores the balance of power our framers set up he is far and away the worse president we have ever had, he has destroyed our economy, he has put millions out of work
and what pisses us off enough to get us off our asses?????? we can't visit our national parks......OK I understand needing to have our national parks and they do belong to the people but damn!!! you will put up with a president who is militarizing our neighborhoods but won't put up with the park rangers being militarized???? ok I just don't understand. you will put up with a president who wipes his ass with the constitution but won't put up with the outhouses in the parks being closed????? ok I just don't understand. you have the teachers in your local schools teaching your kids how to be good Nazi's but you won't put up with your kids not getting to visit the Grand Canyon????? ok I just don't understand. you are ok with blacks attacking and lynching white people but don't want your veterans being blocked from their memorial????? ok I just don't understand

The list goes on and on and I don't understand. Maybe I have it wrong, maybe these things are the "last straw". Maybe everyone has really been paying attention and they finally decided this president has finally gone one step too far????? Maybe there are finally enough people laid off who really want a job and a real future and they are finally getting their shit together and doing something besides laying around sucking on the government teet?????

I guess in the end I don't care what the final straw was that woke up the people of this country, I just hope and pray that they don't open the parks and put the people back to sleep.

Your president hates you and the country your parents built and you are standing around feeling sorry for yourself instead of getting off your asses and parking on the national mall until somebody stops him.

I hate to say this, we don't deserve to be free, and any blood shed as a result of our sorry asses not to have done something before this is a terrible tragedy. What have we created here????? what is wrong with everyone???? bought off by 150.00 dollars a month for food stamps and an Obama phone????

it gets stuck in my throat to think about it, we are disgusting creatures of the worst kind with lousy character. and patriotism?????

I don't know what to say......

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