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Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Am The Terrorist This Government Is So Afraid Of

Yes, I admit I am the terrorist, while Muslims use guns, swords, knives, bullets, bombs and hatred this is ok with Obama. But me? I use letters, and sentences, and paragraphs, and bad (really bad) grammar to express my ideas. And while Obama is cool with the Muslims he is not cool with me. He has send his press and the Congress and all the letter of the governments alphabet after me (CIA, FBI etc, not the ones with the bombs. because the bombs are here to put fear in the hearts of the United States citizens so Obama will eventually be able to have Jack booted thugs prowling the streets and this is what Obama wants. But ideas and leadership and concepts of freedom Obama can not abide. he must crush the one and let the other thrive. One gets him what he wants, a United States diminishes and subservient to his will. so he lets the Muslims do what they want so he can do what he wants. But ideas, that's another story, ideas means hope, and hope means action, and action destroys all the things Obama is hoping to do.
Meanwhile the words of Obama is being spread nationwide with a din and fervor that drowns out public opinion. he has the bully pulpit and is using it with the full power of the US press and his Democrats (which is now a vile label I put on all things evil, I'm dressing up as a democrat for a Halloween party hehehe) have laid this nation to waste. The only thing that can save us now are the ones who know what we lost and will not settle for less. I hope there is enough of us because Obama's free handouts (at the cost of what was left of the national budget) has seduced many. and to disagree means you are racist. what a great con job is going on here.
frankly I'm surprised the international community is ok with this, they are getting hurt right along with us! and everyone stands back and stands down, the bows down to the great tyrant that we have enabled.
but in the meantime, I will continue being that terrorist Obama is so fond of pointing out to further spread fear and hatred and divisiveness among my neighbors.
So far it's working, my words and ideas are spreading despite Obama's attempts to make you hate me as the terrorist he says I am.
and my weapons are only words, just words, words of hope and change of a different kind. the kind that says every man can come to his full potential in this once great nation. and the Muslim extremists can be controlled if every man and woman will strap a gun to their hip. tyrants only survive when good men do nothing, I am not that good man, but I refuse to stand down. I will pursue the freedoms I have lost with all that I am until they finally break down my door and display the weapons of mass destruction I have been wielding for so long, these weapons are words, and a computer and the internet, and to a tyrant they are indeed weapons of mass destruction.
better duck, here comes another verb......

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