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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crimes Against Humanity: Sherman's March of Destruction

Sherman's "March to the Sea" followed his successful Atlanta Campaign of May to September 1864. He and the U.S. Army commander, Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, believed that the Civil War would end only if the Confederacy's strategic, economic, and psychological capacity for warfare were decisively broken.[2] Sherman therefore applied the principles of scorched earth: he ordered his troops to burn crops, kill livestock and consume supplies. Finally he destroyed civilian infrastructure along his path of advance. This strategy is one of the components of total war.

The infamous March of Destruction was the collaborative brainstorm between Grant and Sherman, both mass murderers and a scourge on the society of the time. They decided that just defeating the South militarily wouldn't satisfy Lincoln's blood lust for the Rebel South, Lincoln gave these two sociopaths total control over the fighting arena and they took full advantage of Lincoln's sick wishes. the "March" was hatched and Sherman was more than happy to comply. Raping and pillaging un-armed Southerners who's only crime was a being in the path of a bloodthirsty psychopath. these sons of Satan marched un-interrupted and destroyed literally everything and everybody in their path. What kind of damn Yankee does it take to watch and laugh while heathen creatures from hell destroy the food and homes of women and children with no one to defend them. these so called Soldiers were given liberty to rape, pillage steal and burn at their pleasure and they fulfilled their vile mission with a passion that is seldom matched in any warfare situation. Imagine a hoard of locusts swarming down from the north and consuming everything in their path, murdering infants, children, and women, murdering innocent people in cold blood. This is the history of the North, this is the Generals Lincoln hired to be what he was to physically frail to be, miserable tyrants of the worst kind. Were I a lawyer, I would sue the North today for reparations for the murder, bloodshed and destruction. Wanton cruelty inflected on those who didn't have the power to fight back. This march of destruction was well documented and hundreds lost their wealth and their lives to the cruel and vile monster from the North.
The North should be sued for crimes against humanity. It goes without saying that the destruction that was brought upon those in Sherman's path suffered at the hands of a war criminal. these crimes have gone unaccounted for with no retribution. The destruction that was brought down on the poor victims was totally uncalled for and militarily unnecessary and deserves punishment to this very day.
When you look at the South, when they fly their flag, the red in the flag stands for those who died cruel deaths at the hands of an evil and vile tyrant who still stands today with their boot on the jugular of the South. Oh yes, they should fly their flag and remember their dead, they should weep for a nation who was overthrown by tyrants at Appomattox  that to this day stands as cruel reminders of the destruction they are willing to dole out on a whim, with the only noble cause they had was complete domination over the United States. I would guess that God will not have mercy on their souls.

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