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Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Alias, My Call, I Don't Trust You Anyway

no one knows who anyone is anyway, If I meet you what possible difference does it make, are we going to swap ID’s? Yeah the feds know who I am and they can take me out anytime. and not one person will move as a result, so I stay with people I really really do know, and anyone else is a fed. they won’t infiltrate because they can’t get in. face facts, if I am Pirate Morgan who cares? if I am George Gobbels from Detroit Michigan, what possible difference does in make? ask any militia and they will tell you that they are riddled with infiltrators not because they want them and not because they showed an ID, but because you can’t tell the difference no matter who the hell you are and what is your handle. the truth is I need my job and my handle does keep my employer from finding out my "hobbies" until the day they break down my door, because I still have family responsibilities to take care of. that’s when I will find out who is on my side - when I have to run. Until then I suspect everyone is with the feds and act appropriately. my friends are forged by fire but any movement that is made is shared with no one and bragged to even fewer. if you forget this you are a fool. Sorry Ann, you are by far one of my favorite people and I believe you are probably the only one that’s doing this right but a persons name means shit, what their actions are means everything.
none of us will survive what’s coming, but maybe just maybe the good Lord will bless the seed we sow and some future generation will reap the harvest from our sacrifice. Pirate Morgan will be remembered as the guy who fought to the last, George Gobbels will pass into the night lying is some ditch starring at the stars until he finally bleeds out.
For me, it’s a propaganda thing, the feds know who I am and what I’m about by uttering my “handle” or “alias”. George Gobbels just works for a gas station and matters very little….or do I?

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