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Friday, August 16, 2013

Maybe They Should Go After The Ones Who Made The Mask!

The blacks and their bloodlust goes as deep as wanting to go after a circus clown who wore a Obama mask. Shouldn't they go after the people that made the mask? or how about the bulls that chased the clown around the arena? it's rather obvious to me that those cows were racist for chasing someone with an Obama mask on. what about all the people that were entertained by the whole skeptical? Round them all up and throw them all in jail for laughing at the image of our glorious president being chased by a bull. (now that's entertainment!) just proves what I'm saying, the elite class in America is the African American, dare to say anything, be in the wrong neighborhood, be in the right neighborhood, wear an Obama mask, make jokes about the president, tell the truth about the president, defend yourself against a thug black person who wants to kill white babies, or anything, and I mean anything else, and they want the full power of the Federal Government to land directly on your head. It's not going to work that way and very very soon the Federal Government's big heavy machine is going to grind to a halt, and all the PC and all the crap that's going on right now will come to a halt with it. there is one thing about a mercenary, you quit paying them and they quit fighting, but a patriot never stops defending his home! so when you run out of money to pay the merc with, he fights for someone who pays, this includes local police, state police, army, navy, air force, marines FBI CIA NSA and all the other fuckers out there doing Obama's bidding. He WILL run out of money and the mercs will go home then it's you and me and we will settle the score. So hire the mercs and hope you don't run out of money. what you don't understand is this is personal now. you come after people who are only out trying to catch the American dream but the current government wants to stop you, they want to destroy, and already have, this once great nation. the old rules don't work any more so we will make new ones, appropriate to the occasion. Rules that will bring justice back and crush those who would bring anarchy to our doorstep.
well folks

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