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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Repost: An Honest Discussion About Race & The War You Didn't Know Existed

An Honest Discussion About Race & The War You Didn’t Know Existed

Let me start by saying that I don’t give a damn if you like what I have to say here. If you can’t own up to the truth of what is happening around you, that says more about you than any words you could ever utter. It is not urbane, sophisticated, civilized, or otherwise morally virtuous for you or anyone else to ignore the facts which are occurring around us.
I am quick to point out when unfounded statements are made. I believe in intellectual integrity. I will admit when I am wrong. To wit, I offer my case.
There is a concerted effort, each and every day in America, to conceal the race of perpetrators of black-on-white crime. We are told that acts of black-on-white violence are “random”, or “senseless”. The race of the suspect is omitted entirely. News agencies and police departments release profiles of “two teens between 15-21 years old, with hooded sweatshirts” or some other ridiculous, nonsensical bullcrap description, while leaving out the key visual identifier of a human being, their color.
We see the Tawana Brawley’s and Duke Rape Case hoax’s being given massive public attention while they benefit the false narrative of white-on-black oppression, so long as they fit the narrative. Then, the cases are summarily dismissed by the media and the bigots in positions of influence, when they are found to be an outright, bald-faced lie, and are no longer politically or financially useful.
Contrast this with the utter lack of attention paid to truly vicious, brutal, and utterly inhuman cases of multiple black attackers, upon white victims. We are shielded from cases of black-on-white mob violence. Let one latino with a white-sounding name (see “white-hispanic”) guy shoot a black kid who was beating his head into the concrete and the entire weight and force of the U.S. Department of Justice, it’s racist Attorney General, and the racist President of the United States will come down on you, as if Mjolnir were being wielded by Thor himself.
I could literally take days collecting all of the many examples of the “how, when, where” of black-on-white violence, but  I won’t belabor the point. I will instead, move on to the “why”.
America’s political and cultural elite benefit from division. The old phrase “divide & conquer” mean anything to you? The progressive, leftist (read statist) agenda benefits immensely from the division of the American people. Why else would the statists have spent every moment since the death of Martin Luther King doing everything in their power to destroy the black family, degrade black culture, and shackle black people with multi-generational welfare slavery?
This is obviously a concerted effort. Fortunately, for those with nefarious intent, “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.”, as Albert Camus stated. Why else would those in positions of influence hide the FACT that violent crime in America is committed overwhelmingly (Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent – [source ... not the magazine] ).
If we want a truly honest discussion about race in this country, we can’t hide from the FACTS, as they exist. Those facts paint an ugly picture. I don’t care what the picture looks like, so long as it’s honest. I won’t hide or shrink from my words, because my words are grounded in fact, and sunlight is the best disinfectant known to man.
So, why would our cultural elite actively conceal black-on-white crime in America, while feasting upon any subject which can (however tangentially) be twisted, contorted, cajoled, or outright fabricated into fitting the narrative of white-on-black racism and oppression? It’s quite simple, really:
1) Control – by creating an enemy who no longer exists on a large scale in our society, statists create an environment conducive to the consolidation of even greater central control of the American people.
2) Reinforcing the narrative – by forcing the issue to a head (it is coming to a head – MARK THESE WORDS), they can seize upon the opportunity to further vilify white people when large scale violence breaks out in earnest.
Take careful note of these words, my friends. There are very powerful, influential people using your emotions to foment violence and discord between the races. Even worse, it’s working. I see daily examples (among my own friends and publicly) of the degradation of race relations in America. It’s saddening and deeply disturbing. You are being played like a cheap fiddle. All of you. Blacks who hate white people (around the kitchen table), whites who hate black people (in private), and progressives who excuse all manner of despicable, hate-filled violence from minorities as some philosophical justice for perceived wrongs of the past.
America is being led into existentially dangerous territory. We are headed there at a fever pitch. If you don’t guard your actions and emotions, you will be just as responsible as those who are doing the manipulating.
I don’t make apologies for my words and I won’t ever offer an apology for anything I didn’t do. I hate no man for his skin color. I don’t discriminate against anyone, but I won’t sugarcoat a damned thing for the sake of your puerile sensibilities, either. If you aren’t grown enough to talk truth and speak with honor and integrity, then shut the hell up and sit down. Grown folks are talking.

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