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Sunday, August 4, 2013

New al Qaeda Terror Threat! And This Time We Are Being Honest With You!


from the desk of George Fuckalotofus, the King media outlet of the King's media. Sort of like Der Stuermer (sieg heil)  only more high tech. We are advised of a "serious threat" bad, really bad, it could come from the sea, the air or over the Mexican border, naw, no one would think of coming across 2000 miles of unsecure border with a semi load of nukes to freely distribute around the country, they are to shrewd for that. They will come in some slippery slimy way that foils all our Homeland Security (sieg heil) devices. Atomic warheads slipping past our most sophisticated detection devices at the airport, really really sophisticated stuff, like dogs and shit, no one could get through unless you have a bomb sewn into your ass or something, that could get through, we aren't sure, but this is a credible threat all the top al Qaeda operatives are buzzing about it, they can't wait for the press release, as a matter of fact they have already written the press release that's how close this is. there are those that may believe this is a false flag so Obama can declare Marshall Law and militarize the streets of America, but that's just crazy talk. So when this stuff happens remember we told you first so you know we are trying to make sure you are safe first. all the rest of this stuff is just bullshit.
whatever you do, do not leave your homes, empty all public buildings, in the meantime you can count on Homeland Security (sieg heil) to thoroughly check every grandma and disabled veteran who attempts to cross the border legally or illegally with orifice exams and sophisticated fingering to ensure your safety,
that was George Fuckalotofus reporting.

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