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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Paid Liar For The White House, He Does It With a Straight Face


Jay Carney on April 5, 2011.jpg

Don't you wonder what it takes to stand day and day and absolutely never tell the truth. With lies so massive and repeated so often that people just begin to believe them?

Jay Carney should write a book on how to wipe the presidents ass then get in front of the American public and say it's really a warm yummy brownie!!

He is making sure the press stays on topic and doesn't stray from the Tyrants rants. Hitler would have been proud of the perverted bending of the truth this man does everyday.

Sometimes I wonder if he writes his own stuff or if he is just expected to read the press releases in a way that they are believable?

I will say one thing, this guy should have been an actor, because I've never seen such a beautiful liar.

Bio of a Repugnant Liar, Trained to Lie


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