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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Damn Yankee!!


Richmond Councilman Baliles proposes anti-Southern billboard near I-95 flag

How Did THIS MAN END UP ON City Council In Richmond??? Are You Serious?????

In response to the announced upcoming raising of a large Confederate flag just outside of Richmond, Virginia along I-95, Councilman Jon Baliles is pushing the idea of posting an anti-Southern billboard message near the flag. Mr Baliles recently posted the message on his Facebook page along with a picture of the proposed billboard which reads ‘This is RVA. Not the CSA.’ Supporters of Mr Baliles quickly responded with anti-Southern comments endorsing the idea:
Tom Manthey of Billings, Montana wrote: ‘Not the CSA needs to be larger!’
Tim Lynch of Arlington, Ohio (who now lives in Hollywood, Florida) writes: ‘The American swastika.’
Kristen Gray, the owner of Eric Schindler Gallery and who is married to Ramzi Hossaini, writes: ‘think it needs to be more direct. ”Not The CSA” is too small. And I agree with Ruthie Roberts half or even more won’t get it. That red in the huge confederate flag will be remembered, not a little blue square…. I’m going to think on this.’
Anti-Southern billboard in Richmond VA proposed by Councilman Jon Baliles
 This Just In, A billboard posted just outside Richmond burned to the ground today.....

Civil Disobedience, It's What's for Breakfast!!