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Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's Time for a One Million Pitch Fork March on Washington! (Torches are optional)

I don't know about you guys but I'm sick and tired of working 12 hour days because our company won't hire anyone because they don't have any idea about how much it will cost them for health insurance. So I am proposing a 1 million march on Washington DC with pitchforks in hand to prove our resolve. This time it needs to be the working stiffs like me who really don't have time to go down and make our voices heard because we have to hold a job, so they can take my money and give it to those who do 1 million man marches while the government pays their bus fare to get to Washington DC. Then the media hypes the whole thing that this demonstrates the average American and how we think. BULLSHIT> I'm sick of it. So I propose we working people, you know, the ones everyone depends on to build their roads, cars, planes, food, clothing, shelter, guns, knives and bullets, but the government takes our paychecks and gives it to the million man marchers and now they live better than we do!!!!!!!! Obama said it himself, if the people speak and governments don't listen then Obama will let our Embassy burn and kill American diplomats and send in the military to overthrow their government. You know, so he can win the Not So Noble Peace Prize! Ask residents of Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, California and Colorado how much "peace" has been spread around since Obama took over. Then do a little homework to find out just who took over after Obama's drones quit bombing! that should open you eyes, hey but George Fuckalotofus didn't say it so it just didn't happen did it?
I know this will never happen, cause if you take time off and buy a pitchfork and march on Washington your boss will fire you. I know he will cause he's too stupid to buy his pitchfork and join you. but the time will come when you too will not have a job but then you won't have the money to buy the ticket....only Obama's supporters get that kind of benefits.
I still propose a 1 million pitch fork march on Washington DC the 3rd week of October, 2014, just before the mid term elections. schedule your vacation time now. take the 3red week of October off and jump in your car, buy one pitchfork for every member of your family and race to DC. Don't worry, they won't ban pitchforks between now and then because they don't think we have the guts to do it. When you get there, believe me, you won't be alone. there are millions of us that can't take anymore injustice. It's time we took our country back, even if it is at the point of a pitchfork!!!

1 Million Pitch Fork March On Washington October 19 thru the 25th 2014.

Be There!!! ( torches optional )


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