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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Propoganda, It's What's for Breakfast!

Never mind that we are in this position directly because of them and Obama's policies. they are willing to allow lowly us to be satisfied eating the crumbs that fall from the master's table.... and I can't stand it!!!!!
and they pretend to serve the "most in need"
what a crock of crap.
propaganda piece I'm surprise the puke press isn't all over this!
why don't they make it possible for new jobs to be created and cut the "serve those most in need" shit.....

Republicans and Democrats Join to Serve
Those Most in Need

From the Desk of Senate President Keith Faber:

These days, most of what you hear and see about what is happening at the Statehouse in Columbus and in Washington, DC is focused on all of the disagreement, partisanship, and name-calling between our elected officials and political parties.

But I want to draw your attention to a wonderful bipartisan volunteer effort that’s taking place at the Ohio Senate.

Our staff, Republican and Democrat, has joined forces to create The Emma Project, a community service program to meet the needs of our fellow Ohioans. The Emma Project was named for a Columbus woman who provided lodging and a warm meal for travelers to the Ohio Statehouse back in the 1800s.

Last week, as we remembered September 11th, The Emma Project participated in a National Day of Service. Staff members spent their day at the Gladden Community House in Franklinton, a neighborhood in Columbus, to hand out groceries and produce to residents of that community. Our communications staff created an emotional video that you should see:

Thank you to HandsOn Central Ohio, The Gladden Community House and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank for making this service project possible. Most importantly, I’m so proud of the staff at the Ohio Senate, Republican and Democrat, who take their responsibility to serve their fellow Ohioans beyond the walls of the Statehouse.


 Keith Faber

Let me know when you are done puking......

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