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Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's True, I Am the Terrorist


As a Confederate battle flag rises along I-95, an American flag is unfurled in Richmond

CHESTER, Va. — Hundreds gathered Saturday in freshly cleared woods along Interstate 95 to celebrate the raising of a Confederate battle flag, an event that stirred strong opposition from those who view the flag as a symbol of division.

Symbol of Division? Really? The people of the true south want to fly their flag and honor their Heritage and their War dead. It has nothing to do with "division and bigotry" They are innocent of these charges just as the Civil war was not fought over "slavery" (don't you get sick of people puking up this boldface lie?). They want to remember their past and try to teach the truth.

I however want to use this banner along with the Gadsden Flag to separate myself from the current political structure in place in Washington DC. You should leave the Southerners alone and come after me. I'm the one you want. I'm the one that believes Jefferson Davis should have been the president and not the Bloodthirsty Tyrant Lincoln. I'm the one who things we need to make a Fundamental Change in Washington DC not them. It's just that I agree completely with the Confederates as to how this country should move forward, not the Obama way but the Jefferson Davis way.

And yes, if provoked, I will fight!! Everyone else seems content to waste away in obamas handout and free everything if you just vote for him. I heard someone say they voted for Obama because he believed in family.....really? you mean the ones he wants dead? you mean the kids with no brothers and sisters thanks to abortion?.....I can't justify it.... and neither can you but you will hang on until the end....whatever that means.

Not me, I remember a better America, and I will fight to get it back.

The American Flag is sullied and soiled, I choose the Confederate Battle Flag as my banner. The liberals can just keep stomping on their stars and stripes, but should be careful with the stars and bars.

Remember, I am the terrorist, you should fear me, I won't put up with this administration and his "March of destruction" on America.

Or Am I the real terrorist???? Think about it.

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