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Monday, September 23, 2013

UK Wants A Piece of this Action

Come and get us....

Whew, that's scary, the UK and the UN (I'm sure with Obama's blessings) wants to land amphibious landing boats on the Outer Banks, start going door to door taking sovereign citizen's of the US guns. Now I know Cameron and Obama are sleeping together but that's no reason for pillow talk to turn into a lot of UN and UK soldiers to come over here and getting themselves killed. Anyone who knows Americans will tell you that you can get by with a lot of shit (Obama is my best example) but when to come to take our guns you will need help, I mean a lot of it. You see, in America, unlike the sheep in the UK, we will fight, there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass waiting for your keen uniforms and black attitudes. We whipped your ass once and if provoked will do it again. See Obama can't get enough support from the National Guard, the Army, the Navy or Marines to get the job done and he knows it. So if he can suck in a few outsiders in the fray, he just might get enough people to clear out enough houses to get gun control, for a few minutes.
Obama knows it, there is enough ordinance buried in these United States in places unknown, to maintain a guerrilla war from now till doomsday. Can you say Viet Nam? We learned a few things about "hide and seek" in that war to understand how to take all comers. Don't forget, we have the home court advantage so to speak.
SO when you want to come over and risk your boys lives the way we waste ours in all parts of the world, trying to intervene in everyone else's civil war, come on over, Just be ready for a little shit you will get from your citizens about all the losses in the US civil war you will take.
I'll bet you even think World Wide Wrestling is fake, don't ya?

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