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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Open Letter to My Friends In Dixie

The evidence is clear, there can be no doubt. The Federalists are preparing for an all out launch of destruction on Brand Dixie the likes of which we have not seen since the infamous Sherman's March of Destruction to the sea. This time the destruction is to come via The Department Of Homeland Security (sieg heil) and will be launched against all those who dare show defiance to the Dictator Obama and his fascist policies. This means anyone who dares to fly the Confederate Battle Flag comes directly into the cross hairs of the Carpetbagging Yankees that have spent the last 100 years infiltrating the South and holding down the Federalist resistance through arbitrary laws and bigotry toward anyone who has feelings for the true and free Dixie your great grandparents knew before the Dictator Lincoln declared all out war on anyone who would defy him and his totalitarian regime and ideas.
Just as Sherman's main thrust was to Burn, Rape, Murder, Destroy Infrastructure, Destroy the South's Powerful Economy, Demoralize, Steal, and intimidate. The Department of Homeland Security has decided that Freedom Loving Americans like yourself are the true terrorists and must be destroyed. YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE. You don't want to admit the truth, but look around and open your eyes. I'm asking you to "take the Red Pill" and wake up!
This is not a simple thing and what you need to do is not easy. First you MUST disavow sending your most precious commodity to the Federally subsidized public school system. That is where your children are being taught that Dixie is bad and Obama is good. Next you must be willing to arm yourself so that when Homeland Security's (sieg hiel) brown shirts come again under the direction of the great grand son of General Sherman, that terrorist slaughtering maniac himself, you won't have to just stand and watch as they burn your barns, rape and murder your wife and daughters, torture and kill your sons, and steal your goods. You will be able to fight back! Next you must put back some goods for a rainy day for that rainy day is surely upon us, you don't have much time.
General Sherman has already mounted his horse and is raising his army of hooligans who will be charged with the massacre of you and your family they are now disguised as "Airport Security" and "Mall Security" there x-ray machines are everywhere. they tell you that they are to see under your clothing, but they lie, these machines are killing everyone who travels, slowly, one lethal dose at a time. Business people travel and these are the people Obama wants out of the way so he can insert his own idea of economy, and his plans do not include Dixie.
Listen to Obama's own words and tell me truly that you believe this man will leave Dixie alone!!! Be honest with yourself! Dixie has had a good run, now we have the son of Lincoln in the White House and that is not good. I'm sure that somewhere in the archives of the Lincoln library, there is an obscure, never mentioned, quote of Lincoln that said, "If I had a son he would look like Obama". knowing this, take the red pill. you must take the red pill.
First things First. send $20.00 dollars to:

Contributions to the I-95 Battle Flag project may be mailed to
Va Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

Payable to Va Flaggers

or through PayPal:

Face it, $20.00 won't buy lunch for you and your family at McDonalds, so send the money somewhere where the people are in the face of the Federalists!!!
Take a stand with your cash and put Dixie in Obama's Face!!
Don't believe me when I tell you that the Dixie Banner PISSES THEM OFF? Read this!


I have given you guys a lot to digest and I believe some of you just want to be left alone so you can raise your family and have a job and retire in dignity. But that day is over, the advent of Obama, the re-incarnation of Lincoln himself (he claims this himself see above) This is a bad omen for Dixie. Obama will not leave you alone, just ask Syria! It's time to take action!
First, send that $20.00 to the Flaggers!! that's a great start, then I leave it to you. How much does it matter? Do you think you can walk between Obama's storm troopers? Be careful. No man should have to live through what is about to happen in this country. Take Action Now Dixie! Protect yourself from the coming storm!

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