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Sunday, September 29, 2013

What The Confederate Battle Flag Means To Me. A Confession

With years of the Liberals burning "Old Glory" for so many years makes me wonder about the "new" attitude about the American Standard and I find myself amazed at what I see. Richmond, Virginia has been the lightening rod for liberals for the last couple of months as to my astonishment the screaming hate America crowd has decided that the Stars and Stripes takes on new meaning as is to be glorified with none other above her. When I was a Boy Scout, before they went gay, (or BG) I was taught respect for the flag, that the flag was not to touch the ground, that a tattered flag was to be taken down and deposed of with respect with certain rituals as to the handling, folding, and flying of Old Glory. The liberals since then has taught that the Stars and Stripes is to be despised and to be hated, that it stood for power and greed and hatred. And the world hated our nation as we flew this soiled flag over our nations capital. And the progressives would burn and stomp and spit on and do all manner of vile things that I was taught was to be the focus of pride and honor and a symbol of our nations glory. And I hated the progressives for the way they treated our nation's symbol.
Enter Obama
Now it seems the progressives have a new standard to hate, and try as they might, one brave lady with a group of True American Patriots have given me a new standard to love as the symbol of the chance for freedom. that symbol has become the Confederate Battle Flag. And as I and many other Americans have discovered that Old Glory has become the truly despised Flag the progressives said it was, true American Patriots have discovered a new symbol of Freedom! Susan Hathaway, a member of the Virginia flaggers, told the crowd Confederate symbols are being snuffed out and they have a duty to responded when the South’s “honor is attacked.” She has her reasons for loving and cherishing the Confederate Battle Flag and I agree with those reasons, but I also have my own reasons. You see Obama and the Progressives have destroyed this once great nation and everything that it once stood for. As Obama and the Democrats have, as promised when he ran for president of the former America, "fundamentally transformed" America into a vile and evil nation who is at war in practically every theater in the world. Foreigners now hate America and Americans and spit every time they see our banner as they search the skies for the dreaded drones that coldly rain death and destruction on those who pose a threat to Obama's desire to spread Islam to every corner of the earth.  Obama's policies have destroyed America both domestically and internationally and I find myself no longer desiring to claim Old Glory as my banner.
I have a new Banner now, it's the banner I will fly on flag day, its the banner I will fold and not allow to hit the ground. It's the new banner of freedom, the freedom that National hero's like "Stonewall" Jackson, Robert E Lee, Sam Davis, Jefferson Davis. Men who stood for real freedom and States Rights. Men who fought and died for the right to live free without a central government or fear of an NSA, and the IRS, a HLS, an EPA, or a US Department of Education, or the FBI, or the CIA, the Affordable Health Care Act the one that you owe a tax for the second you are born in this country. The list goes on and on and the crimes against our citizens increases at a staggering rate. I'm now ashamed of old glory and what it now stands for.
Then I see this, The VA Flaggers are raising the Confederate Battle Flag on I95 just south of Richmond Virginia and all of the sudden Obama and his maniacs are incredibly in love with the American flag? All of the sudden they raise the flag downtown as a diversion of the raising of the Confederate Battle Flag? They burned, spit on, stomped on, and desecrated the American flag and now they want you to worship it right along with Obama and his maniacs??? WTF???
So I've decided that the American flag does not stand for the things I stand for, and I no longer place that flag in a place of honor in my mind. the Flag I will follow is the Confederate Battle Flag! Not to Coopt the place of honor it has with those in the South who have honored the Flag and their Civil War Dead for generations, but to tell the world I don't agree with the policies and actions of the united states of America, I am no longer one of them. I stand separate and have a different set of beliefs, I am not Muslim no matter how many "honor Muslim days" Obama declares. I do not approve of the wars in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, or any other war this president declares to spread the hateful religion of Islam. I do not agree with "spread the wealth" I do not agree with spying on all Americans and our Allies. I do not agree with sending drones to do our dirty work, I do not agree with giving the UN our sovereignty, I do not agree with uncontrolled spending, I do not agree with National Health Care, I do not agree with Core Curriculum, I do not agree with militarizing our neighborhood police, I do not agree with gun confiscation, I do not agree with "freedom of speech" zones, I do not agree with a "strong central government", I do not agree with military intervention inside the US. I do not agree with the advancement of Islam inside the US. I do not agree with my tax dollars being given to al Qaeda, I do not agree with F16s being sent to the Muslim brotherhood, I do not agree with sending weapons of war to the Syrian rebels, I do not agree with taxation with representation......and on and on and on......
So you see, If I want my freedom, I must take up the cause of the Confederates, you see, they didn't want these things either, and I have discovered that, just like the words in the song "in Dixie land I'll take my stand to live and die in Dixie", even if I am a damn Yankee!!!
Read the Words of Jefferson Davis and tell me you can't agree!! Really?

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