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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Aliens Are Coming, And They Will Eat the Press First

Time’s Stengel latest in long line of reporters who jumped to jobs in Obama administration

By and Billy Kenber, Published: September 25
Jay Carney says it was a simple calculation. He could continue as a reporter and writer for the rest of his working life, or he could try something new and different.
He chose something different. After 20 years as a reporter at Time magazine, Carney accepted an offer to become communications director for Joe Biden, the newly elected vice president, in late 2008. Carney would go on to become President Obama’s press secretary two years later. “I had a great job” at Time, Carney says. “I’d also been doing it for 20 years. Doing something completely new has an appeal.”

Warning Projectile Vomiting Ahead

of the lowest slime on the face of a cow patty lies the American press, stinking putrid liars who turned their back on the greatest nation on earth to spread their vile lies as they slither from one Obama event to the other. words can not describe my contempt for these pond scum vomit lickers from hell. the lies the lies the lies, while they smile and tell you the economy is getting better, and the world loves us now, and Obama won the not so noble piece prize. what crap. if you have a weak stomach, it's time to quit reading. now.
how can these sorry excuses for human life even look at themselves in the mirror. they pass as the judges and jury's for all things good, they spread human waste like manure spreaders and eat at Joe's on cockroach infested sandwiches. smiling and all the while crawling on their belly's like the scaled reptiles they are. they ruin successful carriers with some low life mag rag and take jobs lying while smiling and jousting with others of his make and character. imagine if you will all those kids who are pinning for a job with the press while they are being taught to bend the truth and outright lie for the dictator Obama...all wants a job where the truth runs loose and slithers across the floor of the men's room by the urinal on a Saturday night. yeah that's right, I hate the press and everything breath they breathe. they are traitors and treasonous and deserves what happens to those who set about to destroy their own country. What do you tell your children at night when you realize that you sold their future and the future of a nation so you could win the Obama biggest fucking liar of the year award? when your kids graduate from college and there is absolutely no economy left for them to get a decent job, what will you tell them? will you tell them that thanks to you and the lies you printed you helped to destroy any chance they had for a good life? no you are so used to lying you will blame on a president that is not even in office so you can ease your guilty conscience as you children stand in line for bread and the flu shot. will you explain how you printed lies about Obamacare and how there is no longer any hospital that is worth taking your dog to, because your government stripped every penny from health care just the way they did the US Postal Service, Social Security, and the very government you get on your knees to every night? What will you say when your children and grandchildren are born in stinking barns with cock roaches and rats running the halls and roofs that leak and the food served is rotten and the infant mortality rate is 40% if they make it through the failed abortion attempts.
I blame the press for all of it, they are responsible, for the lies, for the power grab, and for the coming civil war. I blame the liars and word spinners of the press for all of it. there is Karma and you will pay hell for what you have done and your children and their children will live in misery and fear for your intervention in what was a great nation. Want to see the future of your health care, look at the history of Walter Reed Hospital and weep for the great nation that the entire US press core began writing the obituary for 5 years ago. my only satisfaction is that they will not get by with it, they will pay for their words, them and all their heritage will pay. Each member of the US press should look in the mirror in disgust then go outside to a country road and find a tree and do us all a favor. the hate and the violence in this once great nation sits between the folds of the vile words printed on your bloodstained paper.
I hope I am alive long enough to see you all pay.....every single one of you.

And you thought it was "meet the press" hahaha!

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