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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quietly Hand Over Your 401K And Walk Away From The Table

The Best Advice I ever got was to quit contributing to my 401K and borrow as much money from it as I possibly can. YOU still believe you have a retirement coming, YOU still think that money is safe. Well if you think you will ever see one red cent of that money, you need to think again. The attached article from Ann Barnhardt explains clearly that your money is already gone, all that's left is so many digits on a spreadsheet that won't buy a loaf of bread. As your money becomes nationalized and you become broke. The government needs to figure out what to do with you. You don't have a job and they stole all your money.....what to do, what to do? We already know what previous Dictators did with these people, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin ad nauseous, you've heard the warnings and ignored then, you watch as the economy collapses around you and you turn on NFL Today. You are robbing any savings you have left to maintain an ever dwindling lifestyle. And all this is to prove you are not a racist and you support Obama. Man....we are in big big trouble.
Ann try's again to send you the truth of your current situation, but you won't take time to read it. You're busy, too busy. there's soccer for the kids and a tailgate party at you local sports team. and government will take care of its self..... right? of course right, in the meantime your kids are being trained to hate you and their country. they are being taught, right under your very noses that America sucks and Obama will "fix" it. You need to start asking yourself what will Obama's "final solution" be for the troubled person on welfare, he can't keep paying them and he knows it.....I would say "wake up!" but you might as well stay asleep...if you ever wake up your going to hate the person that wakes you instead of the person that did this to you....
waking up time is over now, we are fully in the arms of the oligarchs. but you don't know what that means. don't bother to look it up...you will be late for your PTO meeting, I've heard that the teacher has a really cool program for your kids to share the wealth! they might as well get used to it.
power hungry,
Here's Ann if you even care anymore

On Poland and Detroit. Not For the Faint of Heart.

Back to finance.  Poland did exactly what I and a few others have been warning about for years with regards to private retirement accounts and pensions.  Poland confiscated 50% of all private pension funds last week.  PRIVATE pensions.
As Warren Pollock and I have been screaming, one of the largest chunks of collateral left in the system is private retirement money, both in the form of 401(k)s and IRAs and in private pension accounts.  In the U.S., the latest data for 2012 shows that there are now $10.5 Trillion in private 401k and IRA holdings, with another $9 Trillion in pensions and annuities.

The end of your money, Do you really Care?

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