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Sunday, November 18, 2012

How Many Children Will Be Sacrificed On The Government Alter?

give me the bad news first. Teachers don't care about your kids, teachers care about the union and their paycheck. I remember a time when teaching wasn't a job, it was a vocation! you never choose to be a teacher you are called, like a Preacher! Well now with the economy going to hell in a bucket, we need people who will step up and replace the communist teachers with real teachers!! We need Peachers!!! Parent teachers who will step up to the plate and replace the so called teachers who have infiltrated our school systems only to teach political correctness, birth control, and how to narc on your parents. Have you had enough yet? will you finally decide that the future of our country and the future of our children are joined at the hip? Remember when kids used to go out and play for recess, but now the kids are given Ritalin to keep them docile in class. I heard stories of teachers threatening to turn parents in for not giving Ritalin to their kids. kids are naturally hyper, they need recess and the teachers don't want to mess with recess, they are too busy for that. So the kids get hyper and teachers start making threats. When will parents put the importance on the kids instead of their next toy? that will happen anyway now that the economy is evaporating. But will parents do the right thing and overthrow the local school district and replace the money grubbing communist teachers with Peachers (parent teachers). No one can make you do this, this must be done voluntarily. Hey Dad, been laid off for a while? Can't find work? take over the local school district, get rid of the communist teachers and start teaching math to your own kids. Be a real hero and start making a real difference in the world. Step up, Step Out, and Stretch your imagination. Teach the kids what they really need to existing in this world, teach them peace through power, teach them self determination, teach them self reliance, teach them Math and History. Get rid of those teachers who would hold them back at the governments demand. Stupid people don't question their government, they take what they are given and live for the state. Is that what you grew up with? Is that what is important? that's not the world I grew up in and I can't stand the fact that my children and grandchildren will be handed an America that isn't anything like the world I grew up in. Remember when the high calling of the church and the kids having Scouts was an excellent way to get your kids the kind of training they need to be self reliant. What's happened? what will our kids have when they are older? Will they get a world where excellence and achievement are awarded? Or will they get a world where losers and haters are the normal? You can decide. Take the challenge.

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