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Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Will You Tell Your Grandbabies?

Will you explain that is was easier than working? Will you say that everyone was doing it? Will you make the case that the money was free and the government was just giving it away? Will your grandkids understand when there is not freedom to build a business? that international travel wasn't open to them because the new communist overlords are afraid if you get away, you won't come back? Will you have the guts to tell them that when you were young, you have the best healthcare in the world, and you gave it away for a pot of stew? How can you live with yourself knowing that you were stealing money from your grandbabies piggy bank and now they have nothing but an IOU from the government. will you say the rich people had to pay so everyone got the same? will you say that you occupied New York so you could lay on your fat ass and do nothing? will you explain you were just too lazy. and it was too hard to take care of yourself. will you tell them of what is was like to own 82 mustang? will you brag about the time you took your car down I80 at 100mph between New Lenox and Joliet exits? Can you explain why the government issues them an apartment and gives them a job assignment? will you be able to tell them why they have to wait in long bread lines? Will you remember what a steak tastes like? or shrimp scampii? will you have enough money to take you grandbaby to McDonalds to have a spinich salad? (meat will be made illegal by Michelle Obama) how many hours will you have to work to get a vacation???? will you get a vacation? will you remember the time your wife got pregnant and had that really bright and cheery hospital room with the cute wallpaper and TV with DVD player< and nurses that waited on her hand and foot? will you tell that to your grandbaby when she's in her drab gray hospital room with a nurse running between the rooms of pregnant mothers in labor? will you tell your grandbaby that she's not allowed to have a bady because she already had one? will you tell you grandbaby that she has been selected for steralization in the Planned Parenthood Lottery? Can you explain to your grandbaby that you are dying of cancer but the government has deemed you useless because you are over 70 and you have 6 weeks to live?
Really? and you gave it all away for an obama phone and food stamps......really? that doesn't sound like enough to me.........

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