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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Dad Is The Geography Teacher!

We have already discussed In brief overview how to fully fund and staff the school system. For some of you this might not be familiar, but for the older folks you might recognize the source of the differences.
I really like the idea to change the funding of schools from Property Tax to a Tuition based Formula. Because you have "Volunteer"parents staffing the whole school, from the Janitor to the Principal their is no funding requirement other than the state who would as a matter of course build the buildings and supply the hardware. Other funding would be voluntary or from the schools "products", (sporting events, concessions, Toll Road, (if no one travels down the 25 MPH street the students are even safer) I think the school lunch could include family days so the whole family could have lunch together. There are so many opportunities to fund schools if you didn't have the burdensome "teachers" salaries and benefits. The children would have the best education ever!! Parents would volunteer to teach the kids and there would be plenty of parental oversight to help keep their kids in line. Using the curriculum currently used by home school parents the parents would just need to follow the curriculum and the Parent Teachers would have the answer books.
It would be like volunteering for military but you wouldn't get shot at. Depending on the budget, you might even be able to give a small stipend to the Peachers (coined from Parent Teachers). to help offset some of the costs associated with teaching.
This would take a lot of people to change their lifestyles as some people have both parents working and "need" extra income. But if you have children, do you really want someone else teaching your kids? I have friends with kids in school and the kids that are in elementary school have homework every night. I ask myself why kids in elementary school have homework and the answer is clear. the teachers don't teach, they babysit. This is why they make so much money working a part time job. If you refuse to pay the teachers any salary they want, they strike, leaving you and your kids in a tough spot. You or your spouse has to stay home from work or put them in child care. Today's teachers are glorified baby sitters with a huge salary and loyalty to the Union not to your child. Doesn't anyone question why the teacher can teach better if only they made a better salary? Usually when you work in the private sector your salary is based on performance. But that doesn't happen in today's modern school system because the unionized teachers will strike if they are expected to perform. Today's modern school are so screwed up that the only way to fix them is to start over. Teachers are teaching your kids communism every time they have your kids out on the streets begging the property owners to vote yes on the next teachers salary increase. They just threaten to take the things out of school that the kids and parents like (sports and transportation) so they can give the increase to the ever gluttonous teachers who are there only for the money anyway.
How are today's parents so blind not to see this? The problem is they see it, but are too busy trying to buy the next house upgrade, or that new boat, or whatever the next thing is. You will notice that salaries for the private sector are getting smaller while salaries for the government workers are getting bigger. Hey they want all those nice things too. The problem is if they want more money they have to reach into your pockets to get it. As your paycheck decrease and the teachers increases, and you live on less and less and they demand more and more. you will see the logic of my proposal. We can't afford the school system in it's current form for long, you will begin to see that as you realize that the government has no limit on the amount of tax you will pay. They want a raise, you need to cough it up. Now we have the affordable health care act (obamacare) and the government is off to the races. There will be no limit to the taxes they will expect because after all, it's your health! As the majority of people are now on some form of welfare from the government. this trend will continue until the private sector is illuminated.the only way to stop this trend is to get your kids out of the government schools and institute Tudor Schools. Face it, you don't have a good job anyway, but maybe you can ensure your kids get a good education, instead of being taught to be good communists.

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