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Monday, November 19, 2012

The American Press Has Gone To The Dogs ARF!

Lies stacked on Lies stacked on Lies bolstered by more Lies. the American News Media (ABC, CBS NBC, CNN, FOX, PBS) has all gone for the new Dictator Barach Obama. All those years spent in the tutelage of communist professors have changed both the corrupt teaching profession and the Network news into buffoons of the state. Just like the days before and after Hitler rose to power in Germany the United States has done what is required to change America from the most powerful nation on earth to the most wimpy bunch of parasite and thieves the world has ever known. Those two professions, the news media and the teachers have destroyed this once great nation. The teachers have failed to teach creating an entire nation of hopeless Zombies with no future other than to bow down to the rulers chosen by the news media. Since children are not taught to think critically and for themselves, they no nothing else than to bow to their rulers. So there you have it in a nut shell. The press refused to speak the truth about the economy and the massive thievery going on in the government. People refuse to lift themselves up and work for the American Dream. People don't know how to think for themselves and allow the media to say anything at all without double checking the truth. According to the bankrupt media, America is in economic recovery and has been for four years. this belies the truth of massive unemployment, inflation, and lost wages. The papers are full of companies going bankrupt and closing down. Thousands have been laid off and are without hope of finding meaningful employment. Yet the media keeps preaching obama's gospel of hope and change and the teachers keep counting their money as the students drop out of school. It's a terrible disease with no doctors in sight. We need to kick out the communist interlopers from our government, kick out all teachers and professors and put them in prison camps, we nee to relieve all the news media of their positions in the press and the network news and detain them on deserted islands in the antarctic. You think this is terrible, how could I say such a thing? This is nothing compared to what happens to the losing army of bad theology that tries to overthrow our nation. and that's just what has happened. Three things happened to America, Bad Teachers and Professors (grown on our own soil) Bad Press (repeating lie after lie daily) and rampant greed (no matter what you need to do to get yours). As a result of these things American is sinking into a rot and she won't recover from. The answer? Billy Graham on steroids and a great revival where people put their trust in God instead of money and man. the current government is promising everyone everything if we will just bow down and worship them. I for one will never bow down to these Antichrists!! and neither should you! Think about what you are doing, are you laying around playing video games and watching cable TV instead of searching for that next job? they got you if you are. Are you not concerned about getting for food from the government when you know they took that money from somebody else at gunpoint? Do you believe that the current government will let you continue doing nothing and playing all day after they have seized complete power? Do you worry even a little bit about your future and the future of America? Do You Care?? Do you know what Sharia law is? Do you understand the implications of allowing all power to be wrestled away from the people and placed into the hands of a few? will you raise you head up from playing "Special Ops 3"long enough to think about it? I hope so. Americans have been swindled into believing the next meal is free. But be warned, there are no free lunches. if you are getting one, you better watch out because the other shoe is about to drop.

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