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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Judgement Day Is Here, Looking for John Conner

the government became self aware with the obama administration and is lashing out to destroy it's enemy's before we can destroy it. now we need a leader, we need someone to step up into the void and lead a rag tag bunch of modern day patriots who are willing to set aside  their life and make the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. who will step up? do we no longer have the guts? the American Militia is the most well armed Militia in the world, do we stand around while the UN goes house to house confiscating our weapons? who will stand??? I ask again WHO WILL STAND???? Are you really willing to pass this country over to your grandchildren? Your grandchildren who will never know freedom thanks to our inability to act? who is will to face down the most powerful military in the world so you can die in the hope that your children and grandchildren can under stand the exhilaration of risk and loss or risk and win? will you make certain that our offspring will suckle at the breast of a non caring government only interested in the trappings of the elite? will your children have the same gaunt look in their eye as the Europeans have as the march off to their jobs (if they have one) and look forward to nothing, able to win nothing, able to lose nothing. never knowing the joys of saving for a home, never understanding the complexities of 401 k's? will your children be able to save for that special vacation or plan  a family? will you have to explain why grandma had to be put to death because she no longer serves a financial interest to the collective? does the needs of the many out weight the needs of the few? or is that just an excuse to destroy individual interest? ever see anyone from Russia, China, North Korea, or Cuba visit the US??? do you know why they don''t? do your really need the government to "take care of you". If so you don't deserve the air of freedom you now breathe, you should take your passport and go to the country of losers who will never know or care to know the true meaning of life.
Where is John Conner???? We need him now, Judgment day is here and we need a great world leader to guide us to the overthrow of this government.

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