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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reform Education, The First Step

Reform Starts with Parents.
Single Parents should not be Permitted. Only married couples are allowed to have children. Single parent families are to obtain a surrogate parent to take the duties of the missing parent.
Divorce is illegal if you have children living at home.
If you can not get along with your wife, a marriage counselor will be assigned to live with you until the time you and your spouse can learn to be civil.
Only One parent is allowed to have a full time job while your have children in school.
Local government is responsible for providing building facilities, computers, and transportation for the local school district. Each parent of school aged children will volunteer to work as staff for the schools until all their children are graduated from college.
It will be illegal to hire independent teacher to any school district. all staff is to be parents of children participating in the school system.
Each parent will be responsible for selecting their children's curriculum. Upon choice of that curriculum, the parent is responsible for insuring the child utilizes that curriculum.
There will be no "homework" for children attending school. all scholastic studies are to be done during school hours. Evening time is family time.
Parents with children with special needs will have a budget for hiring Tudor's as needed. all Tudors work at the behest of the parent for the common good of the child.
The only people who are to be taxed for the school districts are the parents of the children in the schools. Budgets are determined by meetings of the PTA. Local citizens without children are welcome to donate to the school as they wish.
Local School Income potential should be generated by Local Donations, Sporting events (tickets and concessions) School Toll Booths, (anytime you drive by a school, you pay a toll), Sale of local school paraphernalia,
Parent involvement is critical to any school district and this method ensures participation of parents in the local school district.
As the current system uses hired teachers who are interested in their unions and their money, it is easy to see how school budgets could be brought under control while at the same time being administered by the people who are the most interested in seeing that their local school is a success.

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