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Friday, November 30, 2012

Is He Your God Too?

we had a Bible study tonight and the topic came to  what will happen now that obama has been re-elected and the Priest chimed in almost immediately and said that many Priest will become Martyrs for the faith. I wondered out loud if there were that many committed Priest left in the Catholic Church and our Priest was sure when he said most definitely that all Catholic Priests are willing to die for the faith. I offered our Priest sanctuary should the need arise, as many Catholics very soon will need the church more that ever as America slowly escalates into violence that obama is trying so hard to foment. On the way home I thought about the interaction with the people in our Bible study. I wonder how many of us will be left by the end of this year. I'm certain obama will stage violent attracts on the One True Church and seek to destroy it's leadership. While obama may have his way for a while, God will NOT let his Church fall. We may fall into persecution and some will be jailed, some will be killed and some will be tortured all for the glory of God. I will fight, I am not one to sit back and wait for the ax to fall. I now confess my hatred for the current oppressors and pray God forgives me for my evil thoughts. I pray that God will stop what's coming but I understand that it will not be possible to stop it because America has become to vile to salvage and will have to endure God turning his face away from this once blessed Nation. I Stand in God's presence and ask for peace in my heart as I go forth to witness God's love to an ever vile and sinful land. I sit here tonight and ask God to remind me of this time, the last days before the collapse of what was and understand that my future will be extremely different. obama and his minions have taken full control and no one in the government has the strength or leadership to un seat him. So already obama rules through fear. and this minions do his bidding as if he were a god. But he isn't, he is man and man can be defeated. there are those who understand what this man is doing and understand that God will let him have his power for a day. but his future can not last. he is spitting in God's face and that my friend is his undoing. God is not Mocked! Don't fear anything, God is in control and the last card is not yet played. To all of you who have left the church, it's time to get back and ask God's forgiveness. The hour of America's death is near and many will find loss and chaos as time proceeds. Find God's face again and turn to him while the hour is yet young. You will need his strength as obama takes more control. be ready to flee to the hills when you see his forces arrive in your town.
Listen for God's voice, he will tell you your roll in the coming chaos.
God Bless you All.

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